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This page lists secrets and unlockables in The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening.

Bomb Arrow

If Link equips a Bomb and the Bow at the same time, pressing both the A and B buttons will create a Bomb Arrow.

Cucco Attack

If a Cucco is hit 35 times by Link's sword, it will summon other Cuccos to attack him, which lasts until he leaves the area, or kills the original Cucco he attacked with Magic Powder or the Magic Rod.

Easy Pols Voice Defeat

If the "Ballad of the Wind Fish" is played on the Ocarina near a Pols Voice, it is instantly defeated. The effect also happens when playing the Frog's Song.

Free Item

In the Mabe Village Shop, if the A Button, the B Button, the Start Button, and the Select Button are pressed while the shop owner is obtaining Rupees from Link, the game will save; turn the power off after it is done. When the power is turned on again, Link will have the original amount of Rupees along with the item he had purchased.

Link the THIEF

If Link picks up one of the items in the Mabe Village Shop and circles around the shopkeeper, it is possible to exit the shop with the item while the shopkeeper is looking the other way. From this point on, Link will always be referred to as "THIEF" by other characters (the Name Registration screen will display the player's name as THIEF as well) and should he return to the shop, the shopkeeper will attack Link, causing a Game Over. Interestingly, the Secret Medicine will not revive Link in this one instance. After this has been done, however, Link is free to return to the shop.

Secret Ending Cinema

If the game is beaten without Link getting a single Game Over, a secret ending cinema plays. In the original version of the game, Marin's sprite is seen with wings, floating across the screen. In the DX version, she is transformed into a seagull.

Secret Song

If "ZELDA" is chosen as the name for Link on the Player Select screen, a secret song will play. Versions of this game in other regions have secret music for "LOLO" and "MOYSE" as well.

Totaka's Song

If Link waits inside of Richard's villa for two minutes and 30 seconds, "Totaka's Song" is heard.

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