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The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening Original Soundtrack is the original soundtrack for Link's Awakening for Nintendo Switch. It includes an additional soundtrack, The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening Original Soundtrack Game Boy, enclosed in a singular slipcase. It is exclusive to Japan.

Track List

Disc 1

# Track Length
1 "Title (Opening Ver.)"
2 "Name Input"
3 "Waking Up in Tarin's House"
4 "Exploration for the First Time"
5 "Owl"
6 "Sword Get Fanfare"
7 "Field (First Time)"
8 "Field (Normal)"
9 "Mabe Village"
10 "Mysterious Forest"
11 "Acorn"
12 "Shop (Item, Witch)"
13 "Fairy Fountain"
14 "Trendy Game (Theme)"
15 "Fishing Game"
16 "Fishing Game Hit"
17 "Indoors"
18 "Ballad of the Wind Fish (Marin Ver.)"
19 "Cave (Theme)"
20 "Dungeon 1 Tail Cave"
21 "Passageway"
22 "Middle Boss Battle"
23 "Boss Battle"
24 "Boss Battle Victory Heart Get"
25 "Instrument of the Sirens Fanfare"
26 "Instrument of the Sirens Full Moon Cello"
27 "BowWow Rescue Mission"
28 "Mr. Write's House"
29 "Telephone Booth (Theme)"
30 "Dungeon 2 Bottle Grotto"
31 "Instrument of the Sirens Conch Horn"
32 "Mad Batter's Shrine"
33 "Richard's Villa (Theme)"
34 "Kiki the Monkey's Gratitude"
35 "Dungeon Kanalet Castle"
36 "Seashell Mansion (Theme)"
37 "Dungeon 3 Key Cavern"
38 "Instrument of the Sirens Sea Lily's Bell"
39 "Tarin, Chased by Bees"
40 "Animal Village (Theme)"
41 "Christine's House"
42 "Dream Shrine 〜 Entrance"
43 "Dream Shrine 〜 Sleep"
44 "Dream Shrine (Theme)"
45 "Marin on the Beach"
46 "Ballad of the Wind Fish (Coast Ver.)"
47 "Field (With Marin Ver.) (First Time)"
48 "Field (With Marin Ver.) (Normal)"
49 "Mysterious Forest (With Marin Ver.)"
50 "Tal Tal Mountain Range (With Marin Ver.)"
51 "Ballad of the Wind Fish (Walrus Awakening Ver.)"
52 "Ballad of the Wind Fish (Ocarina Instruction Ver.)"
53 "Tal Tal Mountain Range (Theme)"
54 "Angler's Tunnel Open"
55 "Dungeon 4 Angler's Tunnel"
56 "Instrument of the Sirens Surf Harp"
57 "Manbo's Mambo"
58 "House by the Bay (Theme)"
59 "Fisherman Under the Bridge"
60 "Dungeon 5 Catfish's Maw"
61 "Before Defeat"
62 "Instrument of the Sirens Wind Marimba"
63 "Frog's Song of Soul"

Disc 2

# Track Length
1 "Ancient Ruins (Theme)"
2 "Dungeon 6 Face Shrine"
3 "Instrument of the Sirens Coral Triangle"
4 "Color Dungeon (Theme)"
5 "Rooster Revived"
6 "Henhouse (Theme)"
7 "Tal Tal Mountain Range (Second Half Ver.)"
8 "Dungeon 7 Eagle's Tower"
9 "Boss Battle (Eagle's Tower Ver.)"
10 "Instrument of the Sirens Organ of Evening Calm"
11 "Turtle Rock Battle"
12 "Dungeon 8 Turtle Rock"
13 "Instrument of the Sirens Thunder Drum"
14 "Rapids Ride (Theme)"
15 "Rapids Ride Time Attack"
16 "Ballad of the Wind Fish (Instrument Ver.)"
17 "Owl (Wind Fish's Egg Ver.)"
18 "Wind Fish's Egg (Theme)"
19 "Nightmare Battle Omen"
20 "Nightmare Appearance 〜 Battle"
21 "Nightmare Battle Final Form"
22 "Nightmare Battle Victory"
23 "Ascent"
24 "Wind Fish Appearance"
25 "Koholint Island Disappearance"
26 "Ending 〜 Staff Roll"
27 "Game Over (Theme)"
28 "Title (No Intro Ver.)"
29 "Ocarina (I Don't Remember Anything)"
30 "Ocarina "Wind Fish""
31 "Ocarina "Manbo's Mambo""
32 "Ocarina "Frog's Song of Soul""
33 "Dampé's Shack (Theme)"
34 "Chamber Dungeon Edit Mode"
35 "Chamber Dungeon Beginner"
36 "Chamber Dungeon Intermediate"
37 "Chamber Dungeon Advanced"
38 "Chamber Dungeon Shadow Link Battle"
39 "Chamber Dungeon Results"
40 "Mystery Solved Sound"
41 "Item Get Fanfare"
42 "Item Get Fanfare (Secret Seashell Ver.)"
43 "Important Item Get Fanfare"
44 "Important Item Get Fanfare (Golden Leaf Ver.)"
45 "Important Item Get Fanfare (Ocarina Ver.)"
46 "Name Input Hidden BGM "Totakeke""
47 "Name Input Hidden BGM "Marin""
48 "Name Input Hidden BGM "Zelda""
49 "Richard's Villa Hidden BGM"
50 "Title (With Intro Ver.)"
51 "Ballad of the Wind Fish (TVCM Ver.)"


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