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This page is a list of glitches from The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords.

The Teleportation Jam Glitch

Get two of the Links in position, one a little further up then the other, and keep walking up and down on the portals maintaining the same position until it activates. Both players should do the spinning routine and hold their Four Sword up for a few seconds. One portal should turn blue while the other remains red. If Green Link's portal remains red then every button command is disabled and the only means of escape is resetting the game. If any of the other Link's portal remains red, then the second battle with Vaati begins, but the portal remains until the scene after Link becomes one again has ended. This glitch works with all colors as secondary.

Shield Glitch

In one of the levels in the Sea of Trees, the Links will be greeted by three yellow balls. There will be item podiums with Bombs nearby. The Links should not pick these up. Instead, they should hit one of the yellow balls with their swords, then use their shields before the block returns. It will be stuck in an infinite loop, going back and forth.

Battle Music Glitch

This glitch can only be performed in single-player mode. In the level of Death Mountain in which the Links start next to a switch that will activate a battle with a Helmasaur, both Links must step on their respective switches, but only one of them should finish the battle. The Link who has killed his respective Helmasaur must now call the other Link. The result is that throughout the level, the music that plays when the Links fight an enemy will not cease to play.

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