This page is a list of glitches in The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures.

Invincible Tingle

1) If Tingle comes by and there are woods or a body of water, use some kind of long-range weapon, (Boomerang, Fire Rod, etc.)and he will fall in.

Reaction 1) If he falls in water, he won't come out, yet he still comes back to life. He never dies.

Reaction 2) If he falls in woods, he vanishes, but comes back after a second.

Walking in the air

When you go to The Village of The Blue Maiden and you get a moonpearl and Roc's Feather make one of the other Links hold the moon pearl (note: this can work with any holdable item and Roc's Feather) jump and halfway through the jump hit x you should now have most of the Links at varying hights (if they are all hoding items) now hit x until you get to the Link holding the item and you should be able to move around oddly though you cant walk over rocks or anything and if you walk over a hole you fall in


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