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The Legend of Zelda: Encyclopedia is a book released in 2017 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda series. It is the final book in The Goddess Collection trilogy.


Encyclopedia is divided into three chapters spanning from The Legend of Zelda to Twilight Princess HD. The first one is a visual encyclopedia explaining keywords like the Master Sword and Hyrule. The second one is a list of enemies, items, dungeons, and more. The third and final chapter features archives with explanatory notes and storylines of each game in the series.[6]

A deluxe edition designed after the golden cartridge from the original The Legend of Zelda was also released. This edition features gilded pages and comes with a scale instruction booklet and a sleeve based on the dust covers included with NES games.[7]


Historical Records[]

Page Error
10 The "Reading the Timeline" example differs from the actual A Link Between Worlds event listed below.
11 Claims that Ganon appears in Four Swords.
25 Claims that the pedestals in the Chamber of Sages are marked with the initials of each Sage.
26 "The Two Gates of Time" section claims that Impa escaped Ghirahim through the Gate of Time with Link.
32 The "Life in" section refers to Hyrule instead of Lorule.
42 The description of image 4 refers to image 5, with the latter missing its own.
45 Image 3 shows a corrupted screenshot.
73 Both Romani Ranch and the Gorman Track are referred to as Hyrulean ranches.
75 Claims that a Castle Town appears in Majora's Mask.
89 Claims that Link can only carry up to 65 Arrows in Skyward Sword when it should be 130.
93 Lightning Rods are mentioned despite Breath of the Wild not being featured in the book.


Page Error
109 The Sacred Forest Meadow is referred to as the Sacred Grove in the section for Kokiri Forest.
116 The Arrows from Spirit Tracks are listed before the Arrows from Phantom Hourglass.
118 The Book of Seals is depicted as blue.
120 The Compasses from Majora's Mask are listed after the Compasses from Twilight Princess.
123 The Fishing Rod listing mentions Majora's Mask instead of Majora's Mask 3D.
125 There is no section for Golden Key.
126 The image caption for Goron Vase reads Oracle of Seasons instead of Oracle series despite mentioning both games in its description.
129 Majora's Mask 3D is referred to as Majora's Mask HD in the section for the Town Title Deed.
134 Claims that Kafei became a Skull Kid in the section for the Pendant of Memories.
135 The Razor Seed listing mentions Majora's Mask instead of Four Swords.
136 Ricky's Gloves listing excludes Oracle of Ages.
160 The Fire Rod is mentioned instead of the Fire Gloves in the section for the Frozen Plateau.
161 Prismantus is referred to as Prismantis in the section for the Grim Temple.
  • Amy's listing refers to Majora's Mask HD instead of Majora's Mask 3D.
  • Amy's listing mentions Oracle of Ages instead of Oracle of Seasons.
  • The Arrgi listing excludes the Arrgi from A Link to the Past.
  • Bari from Twilight Princess are listed before Bari from Oracle of Ages.
  • A Biri is depicted in the Oracle of Ages section for Bari.
  • Arrghus from Tri Force Heroes is listed before Arrghus from A Link Between Worlds.
165 The Beamos listing excludes the Beamos from A Link Between Worlds.
  • The Red Biri listing excludes A Link to the Past, also mentions Oracle of Seasons, and depicts a Bari.
  • There is no section for Blade Trap.
168 There is no section for Bombarossa.
169 Claims that the Boss Bot is a boss in the Great Palace.
171 Claims that Color-Changing Gels are exclusive to the Wing Dungeon.
173 Red Darknuts from Twilight Princess are listed before Red Darknuts from The Minish Cap.
174 Claims that the Death Armos are vulnerable to Link's attacks when flipped.
177 The Fire Gimos listing excludes the Fire Gimos from Tri Force Heroes.
180 Claims that Link is removed from Gerudo's Fortress if caught in the section for Gerudo Guard.
181 Claims that Gigabari split into multiple Bari when defeated.
185 The Ice Gimos listing excludes the Ice Gimos from Tri Force Heroes.
187 Claims that King Moblin is the boss of the Great Moblin's Keep.
189 The Leever listing shows a Blue Leever instead of an Orange one. It also excludes the Red Leevers from Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages.
191 "See also" is repeated twice in the section for Margaret.
193 A Red Goriya is depicted instead of a Moblin from The Legend of Zelda in the section for Red Moblins.
195 The Octomine listing excludes the Octomines from Phantom Hourglass.
196 Claims that multiple Blue Orb Monsters appear in the Color Dungeon.
  • The Piranha listing also mentions Oracle of Ages.
  • The Podoboo Tower listing does not mention Oracle of Ages despite showing a picture from Oracle of Ages for Oracle of Seasons.
  • The Red Rupee Like listing excludes the Red Rupee Likes from A Link Between Worlds.
  • The Blue Rupee Like listing excludes the Blue Rupee Likes from A Link Between Worlds.
  • The purple Rupee Like from A Link Between Worlds is not listed.
204 The Slarok listing excludes the Slaroks from Tri Force Heroes.
  • The Spear Throwing Soldier under the Spear Throwing Soldier listing does not appear in Tri Force Heroes; the image shown is from A Link Between Worlds. Furthermore, the Soldier shown does not throw its spear.
  • The Blue Bow Soldier does not appear in Tri Force Heroes; the image shown is from A Link Between Worlds.
207 The Stone Elevator listing excludes the Stone Elevator from Four Swords Adventures.
208 There is no section for Stone Statue.


Page Error
229 Claims that Link can enter the Dark World from any spot by using the Magic Mirror.
233 Claims that Crazy Tracy is Syrup's teacher.
236 Claims that the Great Deku Tree tells Link of his origins as a Hylian after defeating Gohma.
245 Does not mention that Kafei is the son of Madame Aroma and Mayor Dotour.
  • Claims that Maple is Syrup's teacher.
  • Does not list Mamamu Yan's mother.
255 Symmetry Village is referred to as Symmetry City in Labrynna's map from the past.
256 Claims that Link must overcome the Tower of the Gods to wield the Wind Waker.
258 & 259 Claims that Tingle was saved by Tetra's Pirate Crew.
270 & 271 Does not list Strata and Gepper.
295 Does not mention that Plats is Bronzi and Silva's brother.
301 Misery Mire is referred to as Desert of Doubt on Lorule's map.


  • The golden cartridge design of the deluxe edition was originally used as a prototype for Hyrule Historia.[8]


Video Gallery[]

Encyclopedia trailer

See Also[]


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