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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Sound Selection is the original soundtrack for Breath of the Wild. It was included in all the game's limited editions.

Track List

# Track Length
1 "Main Theme"
2 "Field (Day)"
3 "Battle (Field)"
4 "Shrine"
5 "Battle (Shrine)"
6 "Riding (Day)"
7 "Riding (Night)"
8 "The Temple of Time"
9 "Guardian Battle"
10 "Talus Battle"
11 "Hinox Battle"
12 "Stables"
13 "Kass's Theme"
14 "Kakariko Village (Day)"
15 "Kakariko Village (Night)"
16 "Rito Village (Day)"
17 "Rito Village (Night)"
18 "Goron City (Day)"
19 "Goron City (Night)"
20 "Zora's Domain (Day)"
21 "Zora's Domain (Night)"
22 "Gerudo Town (Day)"
23 "Gerudo Town (Night)"
24 "Main Theme (Live)"