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This page lists secrets and unlockables in The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.


When Link encounters an Anti-Fairy, he can sprinkle it with Magic Powder to turn it into a Fairy.

Quick Cash

In the light world, go to the haunted forest run into the first tree for 20 rupees, then the tree to the right for 20 rupees. Go down a screen, then back again and do it repeatedly.

An even faster way is to go to the Desert area in the light world and go to the second big white stone. Remove it to find a secret passageway and go inside where Link will meet a thief with some advice and 10 pots containing blue rupees (50 rupees total). Exit and enter again to reset the pots and repeat this as many times as needed.

Catch the Running Man

In one of the central roads in Kakariko Village is a man who will usually run away when Link nears him. If Link has the Pegasus Boots, he can use them to catch up with the man, who will reward him with information.

Easily Obtaining Magic

Link can easily produce a Magic Jar or Decanter by freezing an enemy with the Ice Rod or Ether Medallion and using the Magic Hammer to smash them to pieces. This technique increases the chance of obtaining a Magic Jar or Decanter, but does not guarantee one appearing.

Fishy Money

After the water is drained from the pond surrounding the Swamp Ruins, fish can be found flopping around the dried-up pond. A fish can be lifted and thrown into any body of water for a small reward (one red rupee/20 rupees). Link can also receive a larger reward (one red rupee, and some other items) by carrying the fish to the Bottle Salesman in Kakariko Village.

Grab the Turtle's Paws

At Turtle Rock, if Link grabs hold of one of the turtle's feet and pulls, it will release Rupees while Link is sent tumbling backward. The same trick works on one of the statues on the ground level (left of the stairs) at the Pyramid of Power.

Mario's Riches

In Kakariko Village, several houses feature a portrait of Mario on the wall. If Link approaches a painting, grabs hold of it and pulls, he will be sent tumbling backwards, and Rupees will fall out of the painting.

Shack of Riches

In the Village of Outcasts, in the southwest corner there is a shack with no door. Bomb the shack's wall and go inside to find a chest with 300 Rupees.

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