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The Lady's Pets, also known as the Tri Furies,[1] are the trio of bosses of The Lady's Lair in Tri Force Heroes. They are robot-like creatures dressed in brightly colored jewels and cloth, which Lady Maud summons to fight the Links. They greatly resemble the Margoma, Moldorm, and Arrghus bosses previously encountered, and are fought much the same way.


When the battle begins, Lady Maud first summons her pet resembling Margoma. This pet changes direction more frequently than Margoma when chasing the Links, and uses a whirlwind maneuver in which it spins in place, hovering for several seconds while blowing gusts of wind in all directions. Like Margoma, this pet will charge after the Links when it approaches them, and will briefly get stuck when it hits the wall. At this point, the Links can throw a Bomb into the opening on its upper body. Bombs can be obtained by using the Boomerang or Gripshot toward one of the platforms containing Bomb Flowers on either side of the battle area, which otherwise cannot be reached due to a gap between the platforms. After throwing a Bomb into the pet’s opening, it will be stunned as a purple crystal appears in its opening and the spikes on its body retract. The Links can then throw the top Link onto the pet to slash at the crystal with the Sword.

After the Margoma pet is defeated, it will disappear and in its place a Moldorm-shaped pet will appear. The pet’s head will continuously spew flames in front of it—which can be temporarily extinguished with the Gust Jar—as it slithers after one of the Links. Unlike the Moldorm fought previously, there is no colored indication of which Link it follows. The targeted Link can lure the pet away while the other two Links form a Totem and attack its vulnerable, raised tail. After enough damage, the pet will start to move erratically around the Stage. The Links will then need to form a Totem of three to strike its tail.

After defeating the Moldorm pet, the final, Arrghus-shaped pet appears. Four eyes rotate around the pet; two on fire, and the other two encased in ice. These eyes will periodically dive down onto the floor, however attacking any of them directly will only hurt the Links (either by burning them or freezing them on the spot). Instead, the Links must stun the eyes with any of their Items, allowing them to strike back without threat of being harmed. The icy eyes can only be stunned with the Gust Jar, however; other Items will cause them to rejoin the pet. The eyes can also be knocked off the pet and stunned by having the Links form a Totem and pull them off with the Gripshot. They can also be eliminated by using the Gust Jar to blow them out of the battle area, or destroyed by throwing timely Bombs at them. After the eyes have been destroyed, the pet will begin to use Arrghus's wide-ranged ink attack. The Links can then form a Totem and use any weapon on the pet's weak point—its real eye—to stun it. Alternately, it can still be stunned even if there are eyes remaining if there is an opening that allows them to hit the real eye. Once stunned, the Links can run up to it and attack it with the Sword. After taking enough hits, the final pet will be defeated. Any eyes remaining that were not destroyed will then turn into Hearts.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese レディガイルズ Lady Gairuzu
Canada FrenchCA Bras droits de Lady Lady's Assistants
French Republic FrenchEU Laquais de Lady Lady's Lackeys
Federal Republic of Germany German Ladys Kollektion The Lady's Collection
Italian Republic Italian I cuccioli di Lady Same as English.
Kingdom of Spain SpanishEU Paladínes de Milady Milady's Paladins
Community of Latin American and Caribbean States SpanishLA Mascotas de Milady Milady's Pets



  1. "My precious petsies, the Tri Furies, will knock some fashion sense into you!" — Lady Maud (Tri Force Heroes)
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