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The Korok Trials
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Quest Giver Chio
Location Korok Forest
Reward 3x Big Hearty Truffles

"The Korok Trials" is a Side Quest in Breath of the Wild.[1]


In Korok Forest, Link can speak to Chio, who informs Link of the Korok Trials.[2] The trials are a ceremony in which every Korok undertakes, and are based on the trials of the legendary hero.[3] The trials are tied to the Ancient Shrines within Great Hyrule Forest.[4] The quest requires the completion of the Shrine Quests, "Trial of Second Sight", "The Test of Wood", and "The Lost Pilgrimage", all located within Great Hyrule Forest.

Upon finishing the quest and returning to Chio, he gives Link three Big Hearty Truffles as a reward.[5]


Stage Description
1 Chio told you about the Korok Trials.

In the southwest: Trial of Second Sight
In the northwest: The Lost Pilgrimage
In the east: The Test of Wood

Apparently the Korok Trials are somehow connected to the ancient shrines.
2 You've completed these three trials. Report back to Chio!
Completion You completed these three trials, reported your success to Chio, and received a reward.


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