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The Jewel Trade
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Quest Giver Ramella
Location Goron City

"The Jewel Trade" is a Side Quest in Breath of the Wild.[1]


Link is given this Quest by Ramella in Goron City after he has freed the Divine Beast Vah Rudania from Fireblight Ganon. Ramella explains that she came to the region to search for Jewels.[2] Since Death Mountain's eruptions have now stopped, she has began restocking on Jewels.[3] Ramella asks that Link bring her 10 pieces of Amber, saying that she will pay him more compared to the usual selling price at stores.[4] Ramella will offer to pay 500 Rupees for the 10 pieces of Amber compared to the usual 300 selling price.[5] Selling her the Amber completes this Quest.

From that point on, Ramella will offer to pay extra whenever Link brings her 10 pieces of a randomly chosen Jewel when spoken to.[6]


Stage Description
1 Ramella, a precious-stone wholesaler, let you know that she'll pay top rupee for gems.

Bring Ramella 10 pieces of amber to establish a working relationship.
Complete True to her word, Ramella paid well for your 10 amber chunks.

As any merchant would, Ramella is looking to maintain a steady stock of gems. She'll continue to pay well for whatever gems you bring her in the future.


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