For the dungeon in Phantom Hourglass, see Temple of Ice.

The Ice Temple is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures. This dungeon is the second stage of Frozen Hyrule, the seventh level of the game. The dungeon is mostly devoid of enemies; those that exist are frozen in ice.


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When Link arrives at the temple, he is in a room with five switches: one for each Link and an Armos. After obtaining the Boomerang and pulling the switch in the next room, Link can continue to the center room.

In order to continue in the temple, Link must find the Fire Rod to melt the many blocks of ice. It can be obtained by breaking all of the skull-engraved sections of ice in the room to the east. The three rooms to the north contain chests with a Heart Container and Force Gems

After continuing west, Link must defeat four Shadow Links. Wherever they walk, ice patches form; however, they can easily be stunned with the Fire Rod. After passing the circle of bumpers in the next room, Link arrives at a room with two side rooms. The room to the east contains a key, while the room to the west leads to a Great Fairy, who will upgrade the Fire Rod.

Using the Fire Rod, Link can transform the floating question marks into moving platforms, allowing him to progress north. After defeating a wave of Hyrule Guards, Link can pick up the Roc's Feather and continue to the final battle with two Ball & Chain Troopers.

Outside, Link passes through a small forest and arrives at the Four Sword Sanctuary. The Six Maidens use the power of the four Royal Jewels to raise the Tower of Winds where Princess Zelda is held.

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