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The History of Zelda Art Collection
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Nintendo Dream
Release date(s)
Japan February 2010

The History of Zelda Art Collection (アートコレクシン) is an artbook released in 2010 only in Japan. It was released with the February 2010 issue of Nintendo Dream.[1]


The book features artworks spanning from The Legend of Zelda to Spirit Tracks. It also includes never-before-seen artworks such as the Ocarina of Time version of Ganon and Skull Kid with and without the Skull Mask. The end of the book also includes the first concept art released for Skyward Sword as a preview of the game.

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  1. "The February 2010 issue of the Japanese gaming magazine Nintendo Dream came packaged with a 100-page Zelda art book, featuring artwork from the original Legend of Zelda all the way through Spirit Tracks." — Kao, Nintendo Dream Zelda Art Book, Zelda Power, published April 11, 2010, retrieved October 6, 2015.

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