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Thie article is about the Shrine Quest. For the mini-game, see Gut Check Rock Challenge.
The Gut Check Challenge
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Quest Giver Bayge
Location Gut Check Rock
Reward Gorae Torr Shrine

"The Gut Check Challenge" is a Shrine Quest in Breath of the Wild.[1]


At the top of Gut Check Rock, Link can find Gorae Torr Shrine, though his entrance his blocked by Bayge of the Goron Blood Brothers. When Link approaches him, Bayge reveals that his training ground, and it is where he and his brothers come to build up their muscle.[2][note 1] If Link asks Bayge to move out of his way, he will refuse.[4] The Travel Gate has been designated as a sacred spot by the Goron Blood Brothers for those who have completed the Gut Check Rock Challenge.[5][6] He is also hesitant to interrupt his brother Kabetta's training.[7]

However, Bayge notes that Link appears to be a man of action, which he likes.[8][note 2] He decides to allow Link to attempt the Gut Check Rock Challenge, and if he clears it, he promises to move out of the way.[10] If Link agrees, Bayge will be impressed and tells him to prepare.[11]

Bayge decides to explain their training to Link.[12] He must climb from the bottom of Gut Check Rock all the way to the top within the time limit set.[13] Along the way, Link must also pick up Rupees,[14] though he does not specify how many are necessary.[15] Should Link run out of time or give up, he will have to return any Rupees he has collected.[16] This Challenge will push Link past his physical, mental, and emotional limits.[17] Bayge decides it is finally time to begin,[18] which initiates the Shrine Quest.

At this point, Bayge mentions the cost of 20 Rupees per attempt.[19] When Link decides to pay, Bayge tasks Link with collecting 100 Rupees.[20] He also informs Link that he will fail if he does not collect enough, even if he makes it up in time.[21] With these reminders out of the way, Bayge officially starts the Gut Check Rock Challenge.[22]

After successfully clearing the Mini-Game, Bayge happily accepts Link as an honorary fourth Blood Brother.[23][24] He allows Link to stand on their sacred platform.[25] As he is now officially a Goron brother, Bayge welcomes Link to their family.[26] Link will now be able to challenge the Gut Check Rock Challenge whenever he likes, in addition to trying a harder course.[27] With this, the Shrine Quest will be completed.


Stage Description
1 You signed on for the hard-core training regimen of the three Goron Blood Brothers.

They call it the Gut Check Rock Challenge!

Talk to Bayge when you're ready.
Complete You showed the Goron brothers your grit knows no bounds, brother! You even passed the Gut Check Challenge in one piece.

Impressed with your performance, the Goron Blood Brothers let you through to the ancient shrine. They also invited you to challenge the even gutsier version of the course.


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ItalyItalianLa rupe della grinta
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  1. If Link has already completed the "Test of Will", Bayge will recognize and welcome him instead.[3]
  2. If Link has already completed the "Test of Will", Bayge will instead decide to make an exception for him.[9]


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