The Great Ton Pu Inn is a location in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is ran by Prima and Leop and can be found in Hateno Village. Prima runs the check in desk while Leop works as a greeter.

Link can stay at this Inn for 20 Rupees, or get a soft bed for 40 Rupees. Sleeping in a soft bed will fully restore and overfill Link's Heart Containers by 1 giving him temporarily giving him 1 extra yellow heart. The Great Ton Pu Inn is one of the largest inns in the game as it has two floors and a kitchen.

Link can find a Pot Lid inside the inn's kitchen on the first floor, which occasionally respawns when Link leaves the area. Leop stands outside the inn working as a greeter, though he will take refuge inside the inn's kitchen when it rains. The door in the inn's kitchen leads to the inn's outdoor deck. A Hylian Shroom can be found growing under the deck which Link can reach via crouching. The kitchen inside the inn lacks a Cooking Pot, though Link can find a small outdoor kitchen area just southwest of the inn, which contains two Cooking Pots. This outdoor kitchen area is covered, thus Link can cook there even when it rains.

Next to the inn's kitchen there is a small bed room which presumably where Prima and Leop sleep, though interestingly neither are never seen sleeping there. The traveler Worten often stays at the inn and can usually be found on the inn's deck outside during the day, while he sleeps in a bed on the inn's second floor at night. He can also be found sitting in a chair on the second floor if rains during the day. Worten will tell Link about various places he's visited or heard about and wishes to visit.

Related quests

The inn is involved during the side quest "A Gift for My Beloved", where Link has to help Manny figure out what Prima likes.


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