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The Girl in the Green Tunic
Stage Faron Woods
Playable Character(s) Linkle
Boss Skull Kid
Previous ScenarioNext Scenario
"The Sorceress of the Woods""Powers Collide"
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"The Girl in the Green Tunic" is the first Scenario of the Linkle's Tale arc of Legend Mode in Hyrule Warriors Legends.[name reference needed] It takes place in Faron Woods.


"The Girl in the Green Tunic" follows after the events of "The Sorceress of the Woods", beginning with a cutscene in which Linkle awakens in a small village. Responding to a call outside her house, she meets fellow Villagers, who inform her that Hyrule Castle is under attack,[1] referencing the events of "The Invasion Begins" and "The Armies of Ruin". In response, Linkle runs back inside her home to don battle-worthy gear to join the battle in defense of Hyrule, claiming to secretly be a "legendary hero."[2] She holds her "magic" Compass, a gift from her grandmother, as proof before setting off.[3] Approaching a crossroads, Linkle takes the wrong path, leading towards Faron Woods rather than to the Castle in Hyrule Field.

After becoming lost in Faron Woods, the Skull Kid steals her Compass. Believing it to be proof of her destiny, she attacks the Skull Kid in the hopes of retrieving it.[4]

The battle begins with Cuccos aiding Linkle as she aims to assault the Skull Kid's Forces.[5] When she comes within range of him, he teleports away to the Eastern Tree Keep and taunts Linkle.[6] Shortly thereafter, the Skull Kid opens the Eastern Tree Keep, prompting Linkle to advance towards it. However, once she reaches it, the Skull Kid will teleport once more to the North Square Keep, which closes and spawns a Gatekeeper to control the gates to it.[7]

When Linkle reaches the North Square Keep and defeats the Gatekeeper, the Skull Kid disappears, telling her to seek him out if she wants the Compass.[8] After this, several Keeps controlled by the Skull Kid are opened, and his Forces advance to the Allied Base. The Skull Kid hides himself in one of a number of Keeps, appearing once Linkle approaches.

Upon finding the Skull Kid, he will refuse to return the Compass and attack instead.[9] After sustaining enough damage, he will retreat to another Keep, where he will spawn monsters unless intercepted. When confronted, he will flee to the Fairy Fountain. As Linkle enters the Fairy Fountain, her Compass will begin to shine, dazzling the Skull Kid.[10] Defeating him will then allow Linkle to regain her Compass. Once she reclaims it, the Skull Kid will apologize before leaving,[11] allowing Linkle to resume her journey to Hyrule Castle.

Throughout this Scenario, a series of optional Side Missions begin as Cucco Chicks appear, looking for food. Linkle may elect to aid the Cucco Chicks to reach their respective Feeding Grounds. When they reach the Feeding Grounds, they will eat enough to turn into Gold Cuccos and enter the battle. However, on their way to the Feeding Grounds, they may be attacked by hordes of monsters intent on assaulting the Cucco Chicks, forcing Linkle to aid them.


Linkle's Forces Skull Kid's Forces
HWDE Brown Cucco Mini Map Icon.png
Brown Cuccos
HWDE Big Poe Mini Map Icon.png
Big Poes
HWDE Cucco Mini Map Icon.png
HWDE Big Poe Mini Map Icon.png
HWDE Cucco Mini Map Icon.png
Cucco Chicks
HWDE Gold Cucco Mini Map Icon.png
Gold Cuccos
HWDE Stalchild Captain Mini Map Icon.png
Stalchild Captains
HWDE Linkle Mini Map Icon.png
HWDE Skull Kid Mini Map Icon.png
Skull Kid


Item Location Condition
HW Gold Skulltula Icon.png
Gold Skulltula
West of the Deku Tree Defeat 1000 enemies
HW Gold Skulltula Icon.png
Gold Skulltula
(Hard Mode)
West of the North Square Keep Help all three Cucco Chicks grow into Gold Cuccos
HW Piece of Heart Icon.png
Piece of Heart
North Square Keep Play as Linkle
HW Heart Container Icon.png
Heart Container
In a recess west of the South Square Keep Play as Linkle


  • Many of the lines spoken by the Skull Kid in "The Girl in the Green Tunic" are references to the Skull Kid's dialogue in Majora's Mask. These are as follows:
    • "Oh, come now... Do you really think you can beat me as I am now? Fool!"[12]
    • "What's with that stupid monster?! It's no use at all..."[13]
    • "Let's play hide-and-seek! Check every keep if you want to see it again!"[14]
    • "Hee, hee! See, more monsters! If you think they can be stopped, then just try to stop them!"[15]


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
GermanyGermanDas Mädchen in GrünThe Girl in Green
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