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The Giant of Ralis Pond
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Quest Giver Torfeau
Location Zora's Domain
Reward Silver Rupee

"The Giant of Ralis Pond" is a Side Quest in Breath of the Wild.[1]


To begin this Side Quest, Link must first have completed the "Divine Beast Vah Ruta" Main Quest. After this is done, Link must speak to Torfeau in Zora's Domain. She will ask Link to defeat the Hinox located at Ralis Pond.[2] After defeating the Hinox, Link must return to Torfeau, who will give Link a Silver Rupee,[3] concluding the Quest.


Stage Description
1 Torfeau of Zora's Domain tasked you with hunting a Hinox.

The giant in question is said to be at Ralis Pond.
2 You successfully defeated the Hinox at Ralis Pond.

Go report back to Torfeau in Zora's Domain.
Complete You defeated the Hinox at Ralis Pond and reported it to Torfeau, who praised you.


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