The Field is the first stage of Near the Fields, the fourth level in The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures. The boss of The Field is a Base Creature of Magic. A section of The Field also appears as a stage in the Shadow Battle multiplayer mode. An issue of the Tingle Times can be found here giving directions on how to get to certain landmarks. It also hints at the presence of a Great Fairy in the level.


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After releasing the Green Maiden, Link returns to Hyrule Castle on Kaepora Gaebora's orders. The stage begins just outside of Lon Lon Ranch. Malon has become trapped behind cannonfire, but with Link's help, she makes it back to the ranch. In the caves below the ranch, Link can pick up either a Boomerang or the Magic Hammer.

Talon then gives Link permission to ride his horses by using Carrots. Because Link is invincible while on the horses, they are especially useful for the following area, which contains many Hyrule Guards.

After crossing a large portion of the level, Link arrives at a field that has been overrun by Gohmas. One of the residents of the field requests that Link to dispose of all the creatures in exchange for access to any item in their warehouse, which contains a Boomerang and the Pegasus Boots.

Once Link obtains the Pegasus Boots and upgrades them at the Great Fairy to the northeast, Link can continue north from the man's house. After navigating the caves there, Link finds the Bow, which can exterminate the Gohmas. When all the Gohmas are destroyed, the resident awards the Links a Shovel, which is required to travel further.

Before the final boss, Link is attacked by numerous Hyrule Guards, two Ball & Chain Troopers and a Chief Soldier. The house in the middle contains a Hero's Bow and the Roc's Feather. When they are defeated, Link can continue to the final boss.

The final boss is a Base Creature of Magic. Upon its defeat, it turns into the Blue Knight. Explaining that he was cursed, the knight gives Link the Blue Jewel. Using the power of the Four Sword, they destroy the barrier and head into The Swamp.

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