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The following page is a list of the names of every location appearing in The Faces of Evil in every release of the game. The Faces of Link has been released in the following languages: English, France French, German, and Dutch.

  • Empty cells indicate that a name has not yet been found for that particular location in that language.
  • Darkened cells () indicate there is no given name for that particular location in that language.


Item French Republic Flag.png
France French
Germany Flag.png
Netherlands Flag.png
Crater Cove 02.png
Crater Cove
Crique du Cratère Krater-Bucht Krater-holte
Firestone Lake 01.png
Firestone Lake
Lac de Firestone Firestone-See Vuursteenen-meer
Fortress Centrum 01.png
Fortress Centrum
Forteresse Centrum Festung-Centrum Fort Centrum
Ganon's Lair 01.png
Ganon's Lair
Tanière de Ganon Ganon's Lager Ganons schuilplaats
Glutko 01.png
Glutko Glutko Glutko
Goronu 01.png
Goronu Goronu Goronu
Harlequin Bazaar 01.png
Harlequin Bazaar
Bazaar d'Harlequin Harlequin Basar Harlequin
Hermit Flat 01.png
Hermit Flat
Einsiedler Ebene
Koridai Koridai Koridai
Lupay 01.png
Lupay Lupay Lupay
Miltron 01.png
Militron Militron Militron
Nortinka 02.png
Nortinka Nortinka Nortinka
Serigon Caves 01.png
Serigon Caves
Grottes de Serigon Serigon Serigon-Grot
Shipwreck Cliff 01.png
Shipwreck Cliff
Falaise du Naufrage Schiffbruch Kliff Scheeps-wrakots
Spearfish Falls 01.png
Spearfish Falls
Chutes de Spearfish Spearfish Fälle Waterval van Spearfish

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