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This article is about the Side Quest, for the character, see Eighth Heroine.
The Eighth Heroine
BotW The Eighth Heroine.jpg
Bozai telling Link about the legend of The Eighth Heroine
Quest Giver Bozai
Prerequisite(s)Gerudo Set
Location Gerudo Desert
Reward Sand Boots
Next Quest
"The Forgotten Sword"

The Eighth Heroine is a Side Quest in Breath of the Wild.[1]


Link can begin the Side Quest by speaking to Bozai while wearing the Gerudo Set. Bozai can be found sometimes running around the Gerudo Desert in front of Gerudo Town. With the Gerudo Set on, Bozai will think Link is a woman and become interested in him. Bozai will introduce himself to Link, making note that he is single and loves jogging on sand.[2] When Link asks for Bozai's Sand Boots, he agrees to give them to Link in exchange for a favor.[3] Bozai then explains that while everyone has heard of The Seven Heroines, there is also a legend of an Eighth Heroine in the northern Gerudo Highlands that has been wiped from history.[4][5][6] Bozai promises to give Link his Sand Boots if he shows him a picture of the Eighth Heroine.[7][8] Bozai also suggests that there might be someone in Gerudo Town who knows more about the legend.[9] Before he finishes speaking, Bozai lends Link his pair of Snow Boots for faster traversal through the northern Gerudo Highlands.[10] Link cannot upgrade the Snow Boots while lending them for this quest.

If Link goes into the palace in Gerudo Town and feeds a piece of fruit to Riju's Sand Seal, Patricia, Link can receive additional information about the Eighth Heroine. Padda interprets Patricia's words, saying that Risoka Snowfield rests upon the Eighth Heroine's shoulders.[11] Risoka Snowfield is located in the northwest section of the Gerudo Highlands. Upon exploring the Snowfield, Link will find the Statue of the Eighth Heroine. After taking a picture of the Statue's torso with his Sheikah Slate, Link returns to Bozai to show him the picture. Bozai is glad to see Link is safe after starting to worry he would never return.[12][13] Bozai then admits that the Eighth Heroine does not exist and only used it as an excuse to get close to Link.[14][15] Bozai vows not to put Link in danger anymore and be his protector before Link interrupts him to tell him he found the Statue.[16] Thinking Link is merely trying to console him,[17] Bozai says that Link is kind but there is no need to coddle him.[18][19] Link interrupts Bozai again to show him the picture of the Statue and Bozai is shocked to find that the Eighth Heroine exists.[20] Bozai promises not to tell anyone and that it will be their little secret.[21][22] Bozai begins to ask Link for romantic involvement before Link interrupts him, asking for the Sand Boots he was promised.[23] Bozai takes the Sand Boots off and gives them to Link,[24] telling him to treat them tenderly.[25] Bozai then requests for his Snow Boots back and Link returns them.[26] Before leaving, Bozai invites Link to join him later at the nearby tent.[27] Link says bye without answering the question and the Side Quest is completed.


Stage Description
1 There's a legend about seven heroines in the Gerudo region, but it turns out that an eighth heroine existed, and she is worshiped to this day by her faithful in the Gerudo Highlands. Show a picture of the eighth statue's torso to Bozai to get the sand boots. You've heard that there's someone well acquainted with the seven heroines' legend in Gerudo Town.
Complete The eighth heroine is still worshiped by her faithful in the Gerudo Highlands. You captured her in a picture and received the sand boots from Bozai as promised.

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