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The Dragon's Tears
The-dragons-tears-quest-zelda-totk feature
Quest Giver Impa
Location [[New Serenne Stable|New Serenne Stable]]
Reward ?? x Silent Princess drops
Previous Quest
"[[Impa and the Geoglyphs|Impa and the Geoglyphs]]"

"The Dragon's Tears" is a Main Quest in Tears of the Kingdom.


ALBW Heart Three Quarters
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After Link and Impa inspected the first Geoglyph at North Hyrule Plain, Impa deducted a hidden temple somewhere in Tanagar Canyon Canyon that might be connected to all the Geoglyphs around Hyrule. She and Cado headed there together, who invited link to head there when he had the time.

Once Link reached the temple, he found Cado at the entrance who informed that Impa went ahead of Link and him, into the temple. Link trekked deep into the temple and found Impa, who was apparently stumped on finding any relation to the Geoglyphs. Link then headed deeper, found a hidden passage way behind the toppled Goddess Statue. Upon closer look, he found a chamber of a large map containing all possible locations of the Geoglyphs around the world.

Impa and Cado caught up with Link and into the map room, both astounded by the writings similar to the Geoglyphs. Impa suggested that Link head to use the map room as a reference and search for all the other Geoglyphs around Hyrule.

Link began a long trek around Hyrule to hunt for Geoglyphs and find the Dragon Tears from within them. As he acquired more Dragon Tears, he had an in-depth look of Princess Zelda's interactions within Ancient-era Hyrule. All her interactions with King Rauru, Sonia, Mineru, as well as witnessing the rise and war of the Demon King Ganondorf. From there, Zelda slowly understood her purpose of why she was sent back in time and what she must do.

After Link visited all the known Geoglyphs, a large, white dragon known as the Light Dragon appeared above him with a bellowing roar. It then shed another dragon tear which landed all the way in the Akkala region. After Link reached this tear and acquired its memory, it lead to the truth: Zelda sacrificed herself to become the Light Dragon in order to restore the shattered Master Sword. Her last words to Link were: Protect them all.

Upon acquisition of the extra Dragon Tear, Link found himself in a bed of Silent Princesses. Then he looked up into the sky and saw the Light Dragon once more, passing by. With all the memories analyzed and concluded, he could affirm that Zelda had became the Light Dragon, holding onto the Master Sword and waiting for him to pass him on her final wish, as the dragon flew high into the sky.

The Dragon's Tears (memories) are appended by their respective (x, y, z) coordinates (approximate location of each tear).


Stage Description
1 '
2 '
3 '
Complete You visited all the geoglyphs and witnessed all the memories in the Dragon's Tears. These visions showed you Princess Zelda sacrificing herself, becoming the Light Dragon, and hoping to eventually entrust the Master Sword to you. You must honor the princess's wish, somehow.
The Dragon's Tears + In-Game Coordinates
Tear of the Dragon Memory X Y Z
#1: Where Am I? -1412 0966 0123
#2: An Unfamiliar World -2551 1888 0319
#3: Mineru's Counsel 1828 0737 0089
#4: The Gerudo Assault 0694 -1309 0053
#5: A Show of Fealty -3178 -1699 0418
#6: Zelda and Sonia -3096 -0076 0211
#7: Sonia Is Caught by Treachery 3325 -3566 0004
#8: Birth of the Demon King -1863 3621 0236
#9: The Sages' Vow 4467 -0304 0074
#10: A King's Duty -0649 -2683 0068
#11: A Master Sword in Time 0892 2951 0362
#12: Tears of the Dragon


  • If Link reports back to Impa and Cado at the Forgotten Temple, she will understand the reason behind the Geoglyphs, the tears, and Zelda's will to transform into the Light Dragon. But she held hope of finding some way to return Zelda back to her corporeal state, and opted to return to Kakariko Village to find any leads how to restore her.


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