This page is about the level from Four Swords Adventures. For the stage from Four Swords Adventures, see Desert of Doubt.

The Desert of Doubt is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures. It is the sixth level of the game, and it contains three stages: the Desert of Doubt, the Desert Temple, and the Pyramid. It is a large desert in the southwestern corner of Hyrule, and is home to the Zuna Tribe and the nomadic Gerudo Tribe. Many small pyramids and a few small oases are scattered throughout the desert. Most of the desert is plagued by violent sandstorms that cause even the most experienced adventurers to become permanently lost. The desert is also prone to various types of traps and caves full of quicksand. Because of these hostile conditions and of the enemies that reside here, very few people have crossed the desert with their lives intact. After the Links have completed all three stages and defeated Dagtail, the Purple Maiden is rescued.


The first known people to inhabit the desert were the green skinned people of the Zuna Tribe, whose ancestors built the pyramids within the desert. The pyramids are sacred to both the Zuna and the Gerudo. As such, most people are not allowed to enter them. A Gerudo named Ganondorf, however, crossed the desert against Gerudo law in order to obtain the Trident of Power that lay hidden deep within the desert Pyramid. Link, on the word of the Red Maiden, was sent here to investigate the area. Upon reaching the pyramid, Link discovers that Ganondorf has stolen the Trident.


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It is possible that the Desert of Doubt has some relation to the similarly named Desert of Mystery from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past since the Desert of Doubt appears in the same geographical region as the Desert of Mystery and contains a structure similar in appearance to the Desert Palace.

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