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The Depths are one of the three main levels of the map in Tears of the Kingdom. Mirroring the Surface, the Depths are the underground system underneath Hyrule that has been uncovered following the return of Ganondorf.

Features and overview[]

The Depths are exclusively featured in Tears of the Kingdom, though the fact that this gigantic underground system has been revealed beneath Hyrule suggests that it existed back in Breath of the Wild as well. The bottomless pit Master Kohga fell down is one of the many chasms Link can find in Tears of the Kingdom. However, the Depths have been uncovered to Hyrule at large around the time of Ganondorf's return, who in his rage has caused an eruption of Gloom via many Chasms scattered all over Hyrule.

Filled with darkness and Gloom puddles, the Depths are the most dangerous area of the game, as all the enemies present there are infected by the Gloom, making them much more powerful and deadly, thus forcing Link to act with extreme caution. Not only that, this high risk high reward area also contains some of the rarest and most interesting treasures of the game. The Yiga Clan also largely operate within the Depths, experimenting with Zonai devices and vehicles.

As opposed to Skyview Towers, the Depths contain Lightroots as the main method of revealing the map and fast traveling. In addition, standing under or activating a Lightroot will help Link recover damage taken from Gloom. Each of these Lightroots corresponds to a Shrine of Light on the Surface. Each Lightroot's name is the reverse of the Shrine of Light it is connected to. For example, the Sususyai Shrine is connected to the Iaysusus Lightroot. Despite this connection, Link cannot use the Ascend ability to travel back to the Surface at a Lightroot. Instead, there are several unmarked "towers" scattered throughout the Depths that are compatible with Ascend. Shrines of Light found in the Sky are not connected to Lightroots.

Many geographical and geological features found on the Surface are either mirrored or connected in unusual ways in the Depths. Mountains on the Surface are typically valleys in the Depths. Rivers, lakes, and most other bodies of water on the Surface are solid walls of stone in the Depths, and they cannot be accessed or penetrated without the use of glitches. This means some areas in the Depths can only be accessed by jumping down a specific chasm on the Surface, such as the one located on Eventide Island. Nearly every village and town has a corresponding abandoned mine in the Depths where Steward Constructs can be found and, once reactivated, will trade Zonai Charges and Crystallized Charges in exchange for Zonaite.

Minor enemies[]


  • This area is very deep, as Link can go down to as low as -2500 on the Z coordinate. This is not the lowest possible value, however - an out-of-bounds glitch allows Link to get below the map. At Z -3080, there is an invisible floor covered entirely in Gloom.[citation needed]
  • Directly under most stables on the surface are Armored Lynels in the depths, save for New Serenne Stable.
  • The Tarrey Mine appears to have existed much longer than the Tarrey Town on the surface, which Link helped build during the events of Breath of the Wild.
  • Below graves for those who died during The Great Calamity are the shadowy spirits of soldiers holding Pristine weapons.
  • Below the largest Goddess Hylia statues in the Depths lie Bargainers Statues, which allow Link to obtain special armor in exchange for Poes.



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