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The Demon King's Army (TotK) is introduced in Tears of the Kingdom as the army of Ganondorf. This horde of creatures is most notably fought towards the end of the game, and serves as a warm-up before the final showdown against the Demon King himself.


Upon reaching the heart of Gloom's Lair, Link finds the way forward blocked by a massive wall of solidified Gloom before the Demon King's Army appears to engage him. If any of the Sages were awakened prior to this, a cutscene shows them arriving to back Link up after he lost the ability to summon their avatars earlier in the Lair.

The battle against the Demon King's Army consists of four waves of monsters; all of the monsters in a wave must be defeated before the next wave appears.

  1. A swarm of Bokoblins (Red, Blue, and Black) and a Black Boss Bokoblin.
  2. A pack of Lizalfos (Green, Blue, and Black).
  3. A swarm of Gibdos (regular and Moth).
  4. A horde of Moblins (Red, Blue, and Black).

Once the final wave is defeated, Link will then have to battle any of the six major bosses (Colgera, Mucktorok, Marbled Gohma, Queen Gibdo, Phantom Ganon, and the Seized Construct) that he hasn't already defeated. Once they are slain, the wall collapses and Link is able to advance to the final battle with Ganondorf. If Link has successfully defeated all the major bosses before arriving into Gloom's Lair, a cutscene will show the Sages hold off the revived bosses as Link proceeds to Ganondorf.

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