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The Crystal Trap is a book, officially published by Nintendo as the ninth installment in the Nintendo Adventure Books series of Choose Your Own Adventure publications. Link and Princess Zelda are ambushed by Ganon in Midoro Palace. Using a Magic Scroll, Ganon traps the Triforce of Courage and Wisdom in Magic Crystals. Link is also trapped because the Triforce of Courage is in his heart. Zelda is tasked with finding three mysterious objects to free Link within twenty four hours.


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The story starts with Link and Zelda fleeing from Ganon in Midoro Palace. Ganon eventually corners them and after a brief battle uses a Magic Scroll to trap Link in a Magic Crystal. Ganon explains that since he can't steal the Triforce pieces of Courage and Wisdom, then no one can have them. Link is also sealed inside the Crystal because the Triforce of Courage is located within his heart. Ganon decides to spare Zelda saying it is a lot more fun to watch her suffer. Zelda escapes Midoro Palace, but finds herself lost when she leaves.

After traveling through either a forest, a desert or a swamp and obtaining a Magnifying Glass and a scroll that tells her the three things she needs, Zelda finds herself at the Town of Ruto. There she hears about a Bee Keeper outside of the village and notices a Dark Tower. She climbs the Dark Tower and after defeating an Iron Knuckle, she finds a stone resembling Ganon's hand print. Zelda then goes to a Tavern where she meets her old friend Estragon. Estragon gives Zelda some Fairy Flower Sap and advises her to visit the Bee Keeper. Zelda does so and trades the Fairy Flower Sap for some Magic Honey. She is also given permission to use the Magic Bees to fly back to Midoro Palace before sunrise.

Inside Midoro Palace, she frees Link using the Magic Honey, Ganon's hand print and the Magnifying Glass. Link and Zelda then leave the palace and find a fairy who knows where to find a weapon that can defeat Ganon. The fairy brings them to a tree that contains a Spear. Using the Spear, they defeat Ganon before he can use the power of the Magic Scroll again.

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