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This article is about the Recovered Memory in Breath of the Wild. For the Main Quest, see "EX The Champions' Ballad", or for the DLC Pack, see The Champions' Ballad.
The Champions' Ballad
BotW The Champions' Ballad
Number EX Recovered Memory #5
Main Quest "EX The Champions' Ballad"
Location Great Plateau
Previous MemoryNext Memory
"Champion Urbosa's Song""Subdued Ceremony"

"The Champions' Ballad" is the fifth and final EX Recovered Memory in The Champions' Ballad DLC Pack for Breath of the Wild.[1]


"The Champions' Ballad" memory is sparked by listening to Kass perform the Champion's Ballad.[2] As Link looks upon Hyrule Castle, he remembers an event that occurred one hundred years ago.

In the Sanctum of Hyrule Castle, where King Rhoam stands above Princess Zelda, the five Champions, and representatives of their races. He welcomes them and thanks them for accepting their tasks.[3] He officially appoints them as Champions of Hyrule, bestowing upon them sacred garbs.[4] The blue is a symbol of the Royal Family of Hyrule passed down for generations.[5]

Princess Zelda herself crafted the garments that the Champions wear.[6] King Rhoam reminds Zelda of her duty, calling it a task only a daughter of the Royal Family could fulfill.[7] He tells her to lead the Champions and protect Hyrule Kingdom from Calamity Ganon.[8] Fireworks go off above the Castle in celebration.

The scene shifts to Zelda and the Champions in a gazebo on the castle grounds. Daruk stretches and tells Link that formal events tend to make him tired.[9] Meanwhile, Revali, Urbosa, and Mipha inspect the Sheikah Slate that Zelda shows them.[10] Zelda reveals that it has more uses than they initially thought, though they have yet to discover all of its secrets.[11] When Revali drops the Slate in Mipha's hand, Urbosa shares that Zelda showed her how it can take pictures.[12] Mipha is interested and the concept and says she would love to see it.[13] Mipha then asks Zelda for a favor,[14] looking over her shoulder at Link.

From the view of the Sheikah Slate, Zelda and the Champions are seen gathered together. Purah, who is holding the Slate, tells everyone to keep their eyes on it.[15] She instructs Daruk to crouch down so he can fit in the frame, calling him as big as Death Mountain.[16] She also encourages Zelda to smile,[17] to which Urbosa puts a comforting hand on her shoulder. Purah tells Revali to move closer to the group,[18] and though he is annoyed by it, he does so anyway.[19] Noticing how tense Mipha appears, Purah suggests she take deep breaths.[20] In response, Mipha attempts to control her breathing.[21]

Once she is happy with their positioning, Purah tells them to stay where they are.[22] She reminds them all to smile,[23] and just as she shouts her catchphrase of "Click, snap!",[24] Daruk squishes all of the Champions together in a hug. The picture holds on screen before fading away as the memory ends.


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