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The Apple of My Eye
BotW The Apple of My Eye.png
Quest Giver Juney
Location Rito Village
Reward Silver Rupee

"The Apple of My Eye" is a Side Quest in Breath of the Wild.[1]


When Link arrives in Rito Village, he can meet Juney. She is visiting Rito Village on her honeymoon, though she finds herself disappointed by the town.[2] Juney thinks she would have more fun in Gerudo Town or Zora's Domain, but Rito Village makes her want to return home.[3] She is outraged that this is the place her husband, Jogo, chose to visit,[4] and she threatened him with a divorce unless he brought her a Baked Apple.[5] Once Link hears this, the Side Quest begins.

In order to help ease Juney's bad mood, Link must bring her a Baked Apple.[6] They can be made by dropping an Apple next to a Fire or in a Scorching Climate. Once Link has one, Juney will be able to smell it on him.[7] She asks for it, promising a present in return.[8] If Link gives it to Juney, she will gift him a Silver Rupee.[9] Though she wishes her husband would be the one to bring her Baked Apples,[10] she asks Link to bring her more in the future.[11] With this, the Side Quest will be complete.


Stage Description
1 Juney, currently in Rito Village on her honeymoon, is about to blow her stack if she can't find what she's looking for.

Distracting her from her troubles with a baked apple, her favorite snack, is one way to lighten the mood.

Bring Juney a baked apple and save her marriage!
Complete You gave Juney, currently honeymooning in Rito Village, a baked apple. She was so grateful that she paid you a few rupees for the service.

Juney told you that she'll never turn down a baked apple. If you gather any more, bring them directly to her!


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
JapanJapanese新妻は花よりダンゴ (Nīdzuma wa hana yori dango) 
Taiwan, Hong Kong, MacaoChineseTR新娘捨華求實 (Xīnniáng shě huá qiúshí) 
NetherlandsDutchEen appeltje voor de dorstA apple for the thirst (dutch saying)
FranceFrenchEULa mariée déprimée 
GermanyGermanLiebe durch den Magen 
ItalyItalianUna sposina pragmatica 
South KoreaKorean새 신부는 꽃보다 사과 (Sae sinbuneun kkotboda sagwa) 
RussiaRussian«Голодная жена» («Golodnaya zhena») 
Latin AmericaSpanishLAManzanas para los males 
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