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  • Empty cells indicate there is no given name for the particular individual/location/item in that language.
  • The game itself was officially never translated into German. The German translations listed here have been taken from the manual.
  • The Japanese names have been taken from the game, manual, and the official Futabasha guide. Where there are alternate names or discrepancies, they are marked with their source (e.g. Triforce piece.png).
  • Certain names and spellings (e.g. "Molblin") were changed in later games. They have been kept in the original form on this page.


Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Portuguese
TAoL Hyrule Map.png
ハイラル (Hairaru) Hyrule Hyrule Hyrule Hyrule Hyrule


Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Portuguese
TAoL Rauru Town Sign.png
ラウルの町 (Rauru Town)Triforce piece.png Rauru Town Ville de Rauru Stadt Rauru Pueblo de Rauru Città di Rauru
TAoL Ruto Town Sign.png
ルトノマチ (Ruto no Machi)
ルトの町 (Ruto no Machi)Triforce piece.png
Town of Ruto
Ruto TownTriforce piece.png
Ville de Ruto Stadt Ruto Pueblo de Ruto Città di Ruto
TAoL Saria Town Sign.png
ミズノマチサリア (Mizu no Machi Saria)
サリアの町 (Saria no Machi)Triforce piece.png
Water Town of Saria
Saria TownTriforce piece.png
Ville de Saria Stadt Saria Pueblo de Saria Città di Saria
TAoL Mido Town Sign.png
ミナトマチミド (Minatomachi Mido)
ミドの町 (Mido no Machi)
Harbor Town of MidoTriforce piece.png Ville de Mido Hafen Stadt Mido Pueblo de Mido Città di Mido
TAoL Nabooru Town Sign.png
ナボール (Nabōru) Nabooru (Town) Ville de Nabooru Pueblo de Nabooru Città di Nabooru
TAoL Darunia Town Sign.png
ヤマノマチダルニア (Yama no Machi Darunia) Mountain Town of Darunia Ville de Darunia Pueblo de la Montaña de Darunia Città di Darunia
TAoL Old Kasuto Sign.png
カスト (Kasuto) Kasuto Ville de Kasuto Kasuto Città di Kasuto
TAoL Kasuto Sign.png
ヒミツノマチカスト (Himitsu no Machi Kasuto) Hidden Town of Kasuto Ville Caché de Kasuto Pueblo Oculto de Kasuto Città Nascosta di Kasuto


Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Portuguese
TAoL North Castle Overworld.png
オシロ (Oshiro)
北の城 (Kita no Shiro)Triforce piece.png
North Castle NordpalastTriforce piece.png
Nord-PalastTriforce piece.png
NordschloßTriforce piece.png
NordburgTriforce piece.png
Palacio del Norte
TAoL Parapa Desert.png
パラパ砂漠 (Parapa Sabaku) Parapa Desert Wüste Parapa Desierto Parapa
TAoL Tantari Desert.png
タンタリ砂漠 (Tantari Sabaku) Tantari Desert Wüste Tantari
Desierto Tantari
TAoL Midoro Swamp.png
ミドロの沼 (Midoro no Numa) Midoro Swamp Midoro Sümpfe Pantano Midoro
TAoL Moruge Swamp.png
モルゲヌマ (Moruge Numa)
モルゲの沼 (Moruge no Numa)Triforce piece.png
Moruge Swamp Moruge Sumpf Pantano Moruge
TAoL Death Mountain.png
デスマウンテン (Desumaunten) Death Mountain Todesberg
Gebiet um den Todesberg
Montaña de la Muerte
TAoL King's Tomb.png
オウノハカ (Ō no Haka) Kings Tomb
The King's TombTriforce piece.png
Gruft des Königs Tumba del Rey
TAoL Maze Island.png
メイロジマ (Meirojima) Maze Island Isla del Laberinto
TAoL Three-Eye Rock.png
ミツメイワ (Mitsume Iwa) Three Eye Rock Roca de los Tres Ojos
TAoL Valley of Death.png
死の谷 (Shi no Tani)Triforce piece.png
デス・バレー (Desu Barē)Triforce piece.png
Valley of Death Tal des Todes Valle de la Muerte


Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Portuguese
神殿 (Shinden)Triforce piece.png
Palace Palast
TAoL Parapa Palace Overworld.png
パラパノシンデン (Parapa no Shinden)
パラパ砂漠の神殿 (Parapa Sabaku no Shinden)Triforce piece.png
Parapa Palace Palacio Parapa
TAoL Midoro Palace Overworld.png
ミドロヌマノシンデン (Midoro Numa no Shinden)
ミドロ沼の神殿 (Midoro Numa no Shinden)Triforce piece.png
Midoro Palace Palacio Midoro
TAoL Island Palace Overworld.png
コジマノシンデン (Kojima no Shinden)
神の島の神殿 (Kami no Shima no Shinden)Triforce piece.png
Island Palace Palacio de la Isla
TAoL Maze Island Palace Overworld.png
メイロジマノシンデン (Meirojima no Shinden)
迷路島の神殿 (Meirojima no Shinden)Triforce piece.png
Maze Island Palace Palacio de la Isla Laberinto
TAoL Palace on the Sea Overworld.png
海上の神殿 (Kaijō no Shinden)Triforce piece.png Palace on the Sea Palacio del Océano
TAoL Three-Eye Rock Palace Overworld.png
ミツメイワノシンデン (Mitsume Iwa no Shinden)
三つ目岩の神殿 (Mittsume Iwa no Shinden)Triforce piece.png
Three-Eye Rock Palace Palacio Oculto
Palacio de la Roca de los Tres Ojos
TAoL Great Palace Exterior.png
Great Sanctuary
大神殿 (Daishinden)Triforce piece.png
Great Palace Großer PalastTriforce piece.png
HauptpalastTriforce piece.png
Gran Palacio

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