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  • Empty cells indicate there is no given name for the particular individual/location/item in that language.
  • The game itself was officially never translated into German. The German translations listed here have been taken from the manual.
  • The Japanese names have been taken from the game, manual, and the official Futabasha guide. Where there are alternate names or discrepancies, they are marked with their source (e.g. Triforce piece.png).
  • Certain names and spellings (e.g. "Molblin") were changed in later games. They have been kept in the original form on this page.


Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Portuguese
アイテム (Aitemu) Item Objets Gegenstand ITEMS
Triforce Logo.png
トライフォース (Toraifōsu) Triforce Triforce Triforce Triforza
”力”のトライフォース ("Chikara" no Toraifōsu) Triforce of Power Triforce de la Force Triforce "Kraft" Triforza della Forza
”知恵”のトライフォース ("Chie" no Toraifōsu) Triforce of Wisdom Triforce de la Sagesse Triforce "Wissen" Triforza della Saggezza
”勇気”のトライフォース ("Yūki" no Toraifōsu) Triforce of Courage Triforce du Courage Triforce "Mut" Triforza del Coraggio

Inventory Items

Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Portuguese
TAoL Candle Sprite.png
ローソク (Rōsoku) Candle Bougie Kerze Candela
TAoL Hammer Sprite.png
セイナルハンマー (Seinaru Hanmā)Triforce piece.png
ハンマー (Hanmā)Triforce piece.png
Hammer Marteau Hammer Martello
TAoL Handy Glove Sprite.png
セイナルテブクロ (Seinaru Tebukuro)Triforce piece.png
聖なるグローブ (Seinaru Gurōbu)Triforce piece.png
Handy Glove Gant Pratique HandschuhTriforce piece.png
Praktischer HandschuhTriforce piece.png
TAoL Raft Sprite.png
イカダ (Ikada) Raft Radeau Floß Zattera
TAoL Boots Sprite.png
セイナルブーツ (Seinaru Būtsu)Triforce piece.png
聖なるブーツ (Seinaru Būtsu)Triforce piece.png
Boots Bottes Stiefel Stivali
TAoL Flute Sprite.png
笛 (Fue)Triforce piece.png Flute Flûte Flöte Flauto
TAoL Magical Key Sprite.png
マホウノカギ (Mahō no Kagi)Triforce piece.png
マジカルキー (Majikaru Kī)Triforce piece.png
Magical Key Clé Magique Magischer Schlüssel Chiave Magica
TAoL Cross Sprite.png
十字架 (Jūjika)Triforce piece.png Cross Croix Kreuz Croce

Quest Items

Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Portuguese
TAoL Crystal Sprite.png
クリスタル (Kurisutaru) Crystal Cristal Kristall Cristallo
TAoL Trophy Sprite.png
メガミゾウ (Megami Zō) Trophy Trophée Trofeo
No Image.png
カガミ (Kagami) Mirror Miroir Speccho
TAoL Water of Life Sprite.png
セイナルミズ (Seinaru Mizu) Water of Life Eau de Vie Acqua della Vita
No Image.png
ミズ (Mizu) Water Eau Acqua
TAoL Child Sprite.png
コドモ (Kodomo) Child Enfant Kidnappé Bambino Rapito


Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Portuguese
TAoL Magical Sword Artwork.png
マジカルソード (Majikaru Sōdo) Magical Sword Épée Magique Magisches Schwert Spada Magica
TLoZ Magical Shield Artwork.png
マジカルシールド (Majikaru Shīrudo) Magical Shield Bouclier Magique Magisches Schild Scudo Magico


Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Portuguese
TAoL Magic Jar Blue Sprite.png
マジックのつぼ(青) (Majikku no Tsubo(Ao)) Magic Jar Jarre Magique (Bleue) Magisches Gefäß Blaues Magisches Glas Giara Magica Blu
TAoL Magic Jar Red Sprite.png
マジックのつぼ(赤) (Majikku no Tsubo(Aka)) Magic Jar Jarre Magique (Rouge) Magisches Gefäß Rotes Magisches Glas Giara Magica Rossa
TAoL Treasure Bag Sprite.png
宝袋 (Takara Fukuro) Treasure Bag Sac aux Trésors Schatzbeutel Schatz Borsa di monete
TAoL Key Sprite.png
カギ (Kagi) Key Clé Schlüssel Chiave
TAoL Doll Sprite.png
人形 (Ningyō) Doll Poupée Puppe Bambola
TAoL Bowl of Hearts Sprite.png
ハートノウツワ (Hāto no Utsuwa) Heart Container Contenant de Cœur Herzbehälter Herzcontainer Portacuore
TAoL Magic Container Sprite.png
マジックノウツワ (Majikku no Utsuwa) Magic Container Conteneur de Magie Magicbehälter Magiecontainer Cofanetto Magico

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