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Tetra is a recurring character in The Legend of Zelda series.[5][6] Orphaned at a young age, the young pirate follows her deceased mother's footsteps by becoming the captain of a ship with her crew of pirates, who all respect her deeply despite that she is much younger than them.[7] Even though Tetra has a tendency to act tomboyish, take challenges head-on, and even act bossy and cold-hearted sometimes, she actually has a kind and caring personality.


The Wind Waker[]

Tetra (Figurine from The Wind Waker)
TWW Tetra Figurine Model
Personality: Elusive
Tetra seems bossy and strong willed, but she's actually quite kind.

Orphaned at a young age, Tetra followed in her mother's footsteps, becoming a pirate and watching after her mother's gang of lovable swabbies.

Tetra and her crew are in search of a legendary treasure hidden beneath the waves of the Great Sea.
TWW Tetra Artwork

When Link first meets Tetra, she is being kidnapped by the Helmaroc King. The monster bird is distracted by Tetra's crew and she is dropped into the Fairy Woods. Link comes to her rescue, but because of this distraction, his sister Aryll, mistaken for Tetra, is kidnapped instead. Link tries to save her, only to fall. Tetra catches him just in time.

After much persuasion, Tetra allows Link to accompany her and her crew in their ship in a bid to save his sister from the Forsaken Fortress. At first, Tetra does not take a liking to Link, mocking him and showing distrust towards him due to his tendency to act without thinking things through.[8] After finally reaching the Forsaken Fortress, Tetra and her pirates launch Link into the fortress by catapulting him in a barrel. Before she launches him off, however, she slips in the Pirate's Charm in his pocket, which Tetra uses to communicate with the young hero and drop hints occasionally. Link, however, ultimately fails to rescue his sister and Tetra and he go their separate ways.

The pirate leader and the young hero meet again briefly in Windfall Island when they are both trying to reach Jabun's hidden cave behind Outset Island. When Gonzo suggests that they stay at Windfall for the night, Tetra quickly dismisses that option, saying that they have to set sail to Outset immediately since it could meet the same fate as Greatfish Isle.[9] Mako points out Tetra's caring personality as he mentions that it sounds like she is more worried about the island than the treasure, to which Tetra calls ridiculous and reaffirms her desire for the treasure.[10][11] However, Tetra soon after catches Link spying on the pirates in the Bomb Shop, and decides to give Link a head start to reach Jabun.[12]

Tetra catches up with Link in the Forsaken Fortress again as he tries to save his sister. The young pirate, upon meeting with Link, claims that Link never thinks before he acts since her crew had to distract the Helmaroc King for him before the bird would capture him again.[13] She is shocked to see that he has the Master Sword in his possession, and even thinks that Link might be the Hero of Time or a descendant of him; however, she quickly shrugs off the thought seeing that it would be impossible.[14] She promises Link that she will take Aryll and take her back to Outset safely, mentioning that she usually expects a reward for something like that, but offers to do it for free.[15]


The King of Hyrule revealing Tetra's true identity

Later on, after defeating the Helmaroc King, when Link is nearing defeat at the hand of Ganondorf, Tetra runs into the room to distract him. However, she is easily defeated as well. While in Ganondorf's grasp, his Triforce of Power resonates, leading him to believe that he has finally found Princess Zelda.[16] Tetra denies this, claiming that she does not know anyone named Zelda.[17] After another distraction by the Rito and the Great Valoo, Link and the unconscious Tetra get away safely from Ganondorf and head to the sunken Hyrule Castle, where they meet Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule.

The king asks that Tetra approach him, where he takes her necklace. The necklace, which was given by her mother and instructed Tetra to guard it with her life, is actually a piece of the Triforce of Wisdom.[18] The King of Hyrule uses the other piece of the Triforce of Wisdom to reveal Tetra's true identity: Princess Zelda.[19] Tetra is in shock, and apologizes to Link for everything that has happened to him and his sister.[20] The King then tells the Princess that she would be safer hiding in the castle basement from Ganondorf's grasp while he and Link return to the surface to search for the Triforce of Courage.[21]

When Link returns to Hyrule Castle with the Triforce of Courage in his possession, he sees that Zelda was captured by Ganondorf and taken to Ganon's Tower, and the young hero quickly seeks to save her.[22] Once Link defeats Ganondorf turned into Puppet Ganon and climbs up to where Ganondorf and Princess Zelda are located, he finds Zelda knocked unconscious, and although the young hero tries to best Ganondorf, he swiftly takes Link and Zelda's Triforce pieces.

After King Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule wishes for Hyrule to be flooded once more, Zelda wakes up from Ganondorf’s sleeping spell and apologizes to Link for having overslept, where she urges Link to defeat Ganondorf once and for all and return to their ocean from the world above.[23] During Link's battle with Ganondorf, Zelda wields the young hero's Bow and Light Arrows to cover Link and allow him to attack as best as he can.[24] During the battle, however, Ganondorf hovers over to Zelda and knocks her unconscious, causing her to sleep again, but after a while, she wakes back up. She aims a Light Arrow at the young hero's Mirror Shield, which bounces off to Ganondorf and allows Link to defeat him, dealing the final blow.

Princess Zelda suggests to King Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule to join Link and her in their search for the new land that will be the next Hyrule.[25] After Link and Zelda resurface to the Great Sea, Tetra appears again in her pirate clothes, having lost her royal persona as her pirate crew greets the two of them aboard their ship. Tetra is last seen during the ending credits where she, her pirate crew, and Link set sail from Outset Island in search of new lands.[26]

Four Swords Adventures[]

In the Japanese and Korean versions of Four Swords Adventures, Tetra appears in the Navi Trackers mode. She sends the Links out to solve puzzles and locate several stamps held by her pirate crew. In this mode, Tetra speaks in full voice acting. She vocally speaks to the Links, calling them by name to signify who she is speaking to, in order to provide instructions and updates on the current game, including who is in the lead and where the Links need to go.

Tetra, along with the entirety of the Navi Trackers mode, was removed from international versions, likely due to the voice acting being difficult to implement.

Phantom Hourglass[]

In Phantom Hourglass, Tetra does not regain her royal persona as Princess Zelda, although quite often when she appears, "Zelda's Lullaby" plays in the background. She is also called Zelda by some of the pirates during the game's introduction,[27] much to Tetra's chagrin.[28] During the beginning of the game, she and Link happen upon a Ghost Ship, which they investigate. Tetra is separated from the others and is kidnapped, forcing Link to try and rescue her.

Once Link defeats the Cubus Sisters on the Ghost Ship, Link finds Tetra turned to stone. Once Link defeats Bellum's first stage, Tetra turns back to normal. After Link defeats Bellum, he and Tetra awaken on the Ghost Ship, only ten minutes after the prologue according to the pirates.[29] Tetra's crew tries to convince her that it was just a dream, but Link finds the Phantom Hourglass in his pocket, and the SS Linebeck is seen sailing in the distance.

Spirit Tracks[]

Tetra Stained Glass

Tetra's stained glass window in Spirit Tracks

Though Tetra does not appear in Spirit Tracks, she makes an appearance in a stained glass window in the Throne Room of Hyrule Castle. Some of her history following Phantom Hourglass is detailed by her great-great-granddaughter, the reigning Princess Zelda,[4] and the Lokomo sage Anjean. Anjean states that she first met the pirate captain of a royal lineage long ago when she first arrived on the shores of the land, in which Spirit Tracks takes place.[3] In this new land, Tetra founded the new kingdom of Hyrule.[30] Anjean entrusted Tetra with the Spirit Flute, on the promise that she and her descendants would use the flute to protect the land for good.[31] Tetra carried on a close friendship with Anjean for many long years and passed the Spirit Flute down through her descendants.[32] Upon meeting the reigning Princess Zelda in Spirit Tracks, Anjean notes the remarkable similarities in personality between the princess and her ancestor, who was known for her feisty nature and courage. In the final battle with Malladus, Princess Zelda prays to Tetra for strength to recover her body and defeat the Demon King.[33]

Other Appearances[]

Super Smash Bros. Brawl[]

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Tetra appears as a Trophy and a Sticker.

# Trophy Significant Games Description How to unlock
218 SSBB Tetra Trophy Model
The Wind Waker

Phantom Hourglass
A pirate captain who roams the seas in search of sunken treasure. Her disposition garners trust from her followers. Even she doesn't realize that she's THE Princess Zelda. Once Ganondorf learns of her existence, the King of Red Lions explains to her the truth about her true self. She is often recognized by her cute pose, where she crosses her arms and winks. Random
Sticker Artwork from Effect in The Subspace Emissary Usable by
SSBB Tetra Sticker Icon
The Wind Waker [Flame] - Attack +25 All

Phantom Hourglass (Himekawa)[]

In the Phantom Hourglass manga by Akira Himekawa, Tetra is first shown scolding Link for not swabbing the deck,[34] as he has been watching dolphins.[35][36] The pirate asks Link why he signed onto her crew.[37] Link responds so that he can sail the ocean and discover new lands.[38] Tetra tells the hero that he will have to become a seasoned sailor.[39] Link complains about swabbing the deck, stating that he could be fighting pirates instead.[40] Tetra says that a captain's word is law, and that disobedience will lead to being cast overboard.[41] Link remarks that Tetra is bossy, even though she claims to be a princess.[42] Hearing this, Tetra challenges Link to a duel.[43] Soon it is announced that the ship will be entering "that" area,[44][45] the ocean where the Ghost Ship sails.[46] Tetra says that she will uncover the truth about the Ghost Ship.[47] Link tells the pirate to wait while he goes to defeat the Ghost Ship,[48] with Tetra attacking him once more.[49] After commenting on Tetra's strength,[50] Link accidentally cuts her scarf, which becomes lost in the sea. Gonzo exclaims that the scarf is her trademark,[51] although Tetra doesn't appear concerned about losing it.[52] Link prepares to dive after the scarf,[53] except Tetra stops the hero. She claims that nothing is more important than the lives of her crew.[54] As the Ghost Ship draws nearer, Tetra says that she will prove the vessel is not a Ghost Ship.[55] Link insists that he enters the Ghost Ship instead.[56] Tetra orders Link to stay,[57] and boards the Ghost Ship. Tetra is quickly captured, causing Link to rush after her. He attempts to get on the ship, instead falling into the sea. As the hero drifts into unconsciousness, Tetra calls for him to help her.[58]

Tetra is seen later on cursed as a statue,[59] and is found by Neri aboard the Ghost Ship.[60] One of the Cubus Sisters is sobbing nearby, and explains that Tetra had sacrificed herself to protect her.[61] Although the Cubus Sister is soon revealed to be a Demon, and attacks Linebeck. As Link fights the Cubus Sister, Tetra's statue is hit by dark magic. When the magic touches her, Tetra's spirit exits the statue as Princess Zelda and reflects the attack back onto the demon.[62][63] Grandpa Oshus then appears, Zelda smiling at him before she renters the statue.[64] Linebeck exclaims that she was possessed by a ghost.[65] Link says that Tetra is actually Princess Zelda in disguise.[66] Linebeck refuses to believe this at first before being rebuked by Oshus,[67][68] whom Link realizes is the Ocean King.[69] Oshus explains that a monster called Bellum had kidnapped Tetra for her force, as the pirate's spirit is filled with it.[70] He proposes that Tetra had been turned to stone because Bellum could not drain her force completely.[71] In order to transform Tetra to her original form, Link will have to bring the Sand of Hours to Oshus after defeating Bellum.[72][73] To defeat Bellum Link must visit Zauz, a blacksmith.[74] Link brings Tetra's Statue on board the SS Linebeck, and ties her scarf around her neck, which Link had uncovered on his quest.[75] Link begins to assure his friend that they will succeed,[76] but is interrupted by Linebeck as the ship is under attack.[77] While the pirate girl Jolene lays siege to the SS Linebeck, Neri and Leaf keep Tetra from falling off the ship. Jolene at first doesn't believe Link's mission to save Tetra,[78][79] but when Link describes Tetra as an important friend,[80] Jolene changes her mind.[81] After a conversation between the two, Bellum appears and possesses Linebeck.[82] Because of this, Jolene agrees to aid Link by consulting with Zauz on how to overcome Bellum.[83][84]

When Linebeck is rescued and Bellum wounded, Tetra is returned to normal. Tetra claims that she thought of Link while a stone statue.[85] The reunion is soon ended when Bellum arrives and drags the Ocean King underwater in an attempt to drown him.[86] Jolene comes with the Phantom Sword, and gives the weapon to Link to conquer Bellum.[87] Tetra commands Linebeck to turn the ship and help Link.[88] Unaccustomed to following orders, Linebeck doesn't respond immediately.[89] Linebeck is then startled by Tetra's shouts and demands,[90][91] wondering who she is.[92] Tetra tells Linebeck to aim the cannons at Bellum's eye,[93] delaying the monster long enough for Link to destroy it. The Ocean King thanks Tetra and the others who fought Bellum.[94] He tells the group that the World of the Ocean King is a separate dimension from Hyrule.[95] Tetra and Link awaken on the deck of their ship, where they are greeted by Niko and Mako.[96] Tetra is questioned if there was any treasure on the Ghost Ship.[97] Tetra angrily responds by saying she was kidnapped on the Ghost Ship, questioning why he and the other pirates did not come and rescue her.[98] Confused, Niko replies that she had only been gone for ten minutes,[99] asking if she hit her head.[100] Link wonders if the whole encounter was a dream.[101] A steam whistle is heard in the distance,[102] Link and Tetra smiling as they see the SS Linebeck.

Hyrule Warriors[]

Tetra appears as a playable Warrior in Hyrule Warriors. She wields the Cutlass as her primary Weapon in combination with a flintlock pistol that shoots water bullets, combining both sword and gunplay for mid-range combat. Tetra can be unlocked in Hyrule Warriors using a code included in Hyrule Warriors Legends or by obtaining the Legends Character Pack DLC. In Hyrule Warriors Legends and Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition, she is unlocked after completing the "The Search for Cia" Scenario in Legend Mode. In Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition, Tetra can also be unlocked as a Reward for Battle Victory on Adventure Battle at square C11 of the Great Sea Map in Adventure Mode.

Tetra plays an important role in the Wind Waker series of Scenarios in Hyrule Warriors Legends' Legend Mode. Tetra is the first to bear witness to the dimensional rift in her era, seeing Windfall Island the Forsaken Fortress fused together. She rushes headfirst into battle to fight off against the invading monsters but is soon then aided by the Link from the present era. Teaming up with the hero, they were able to stave off the attack, but Tetra is then kidnapped by the Helmaroc King and dropped off at the Gerudo Desert. While the monster was still roosting, she attempts to make her escape but is soon pursued once more. At that time, Link and Lana (who was investigating the whereabouts of her other half, Cia) come to her aid. Combining their strength, they were able to fell the Helmaroc King.

Right after, they are approached by King Daphnes himself. Lana theorizes that Cia's disappearance is linked to this new threat and forms an alliance to save her from the darkness. After a long, harrowing fight, they were able to rescue the weakened Cia from the darkness, albeit weakened. She then informs them that the source of the threat was none other than Phantom Ganon, who had stolen her dark magic. If separated for too long, the sorceress would die. Tetra and the others vowed to save their land and Cia by heading to the fused Wind and Earth Temples where he laid hidden. The group perseveres and finally confronts the phantom itself. With their combined might, they shot forth a bolt of light that weakened the monster. With their teamwork, they finally slew the apparition, relinquishing Cia's magic along with the Triforce of Power. With everything set right, Tetra and the king fade back into their world, waving good-bye to Link and the sorceresses.

When defeated as an opponent, Tetra may occasionally drop her Sandals as a silver Material, or rarely her Bandana as a gold Material.

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U[]

Tetra appears as a Trophy in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.

# Trophy Appears in Description How to unlock
3DS Logo WiiU
211 N/A SSBfWU Tetra Trophy Model The Wind Waker

Phantom Hourglass
A wild young girl who leads a pirate crew. She meets Link in the forest of Outset Island and, at first, isn't very impressed. After witnessing his determination to save his sister, though, she slowly grows more inclined to help him. Eventually, they travel to a ruined land beneath the sea, where Tetra discovers a suprising secret... Random

Super Mario Maker[]

Tetra appears as an 8-bit, costume, sprite, power up in Super Mario Maker.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[]

Tetra appears as an Ace, Shield type Primary Spirit in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with two supporting spirit slots. This spirit can be enhanced after reaching Level 99 Max and evolve into Zelda (The Wind Waker) which is also an Ace, Shield Typing Primary Spirit.


  • When loading a saved game in Phantom Hourglass at any point between the prologue and defeating the Cubus Sisters, it opens with a scene showing Tetra slowly falling into an abyss while calling for Link's help as a haunting rendition of Zelda's Lullaby plays in the background.
  • During development of Twilight Princess, Tetra was used as a placeholder for Princess Midna when riding Wolf Link.[103]
  • According to Hyrule Historia, Tetra's hairstyle was based on the designs of the wind and smoke in The Wind Waker.[104]
  • Tetra's use of a hand pistol in Hyrule Warriors marks the first appearance of a gun in The Legend of Zelda series.


Tetra's name could be derived from the Ancient Greek word meaning "four," similar to Tetris. It could also be derived from an actual Tetra, a type of South American freshwater fish, adding to the sea-faring theme of the game. Tetra could also allude to tetrahedron, more specifically the net, which is the physical shape of the Triforce. "Tetro" is Italian for "shady", probably alluding to her being a fake identity or her job as a pirate.

TMC Forest Minish Artwork Names in other regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite
JapanJapaneseテトラ (Tetora) (PH)[105]Tetra
CanadaFrenchCATetra (PH | HWDE)[106][107]
FranceFrenchEUTetra (TWWHD | PH | HWDE)[108][109][110]
GermanyGermanTetra (PH | HWDE)[111][112]
ItalyItalianDazel (PH | HWDE)[113][114]Anagram of "Zelda"
SpainSpanishEUTetra (PH | HWDE)[115][116]
Latin AmericaSpanishLATetra (PH | HWDE)[117][118]
This table was generated using translation pages.
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Video Gallery[]

Cutlass gameplay from Hyrule Warriors Legends

See Also[]


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