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This article is about the Mini-Game in Breath of the Wild. For the Shrine Quest, see "The Test of Wood".

The Test of Wood is a Mini-Game in Breath of the Wild.[2][note 1]

Location and Rules[]

Link can encounter Damia, a Korok, on the eastern edge of the Korok Forest. When he speaks to Damia, he reveals that he has been awaiting his arrival.[4] However, he asks Link if he is serious about attempting the Test of Wood, as it is supposedly the hardest of the Korok Trials.[2] He explains that the goal of the game is to reach the Ancient Shrine at the back of the area while equipped with the Korok Gear.[5]

Damia will be excited if Link agrees to try.[6] He informs Link that if his Korok Gear breaks or is unequipped, he will be disqualified.[7][note 2] He will then give Link a Forest Dweller's Sword, a Forest Dweller's Shield, and a Forest Dweller's Bow. Damia reminds Link that he must reach the Ancient Shrine before sending him on his way.[9] This initiates "The Test of Wood" Shrine Quest.

While making his way through the Mini-Game, Link will face Keese, Fire Keese, Chuchus, Electric Chuchus, Fire Chuchus, Stalkoblins, and Water Octoroks. He must either avoid them with Stealth or defeat them. Bottomless Bogs are also found within and around the course. If Link falls into one, he will be brought back to the start. Once Link passes through Mido Swamp and reaches Maag Halan Shrine, Damia will end the game.[10]

Damia will fly up to Link to congratulate him for finishing the Test of Wood.[11] He then allows Link to continue on and enter Maag Halan Shrine.[12] Before leaving, he tells Link to come find him if he wants to attempt the Test of Wood again.[13] Once he flies away, the Shrine Quest will be completed.

When Link returns to Damia, he offers to let him attempt the Test of Wood again, but this time he will be timed.[14] If Link can reach the Ancient Shrine in under five minutes, Damia promises him a reward.[15] This time, however, Damia requires a security deposit of 20 Rupees for the Korok Gear.[1] After Link pays, Damia will prepare the Mini-Game for him.[16]

If Link fails to complete the Mini-Game in less than five minutes, Damia will immediately end his run.[17] Back at the entrance, Damia will console Link about his failure.[18] Alternatively, when Link completes the Mini-Game within the time limit, Damia will once again stop him when he reaches the goal.[10] He will fly down to present Link with his prize, which is a Silver Rupee.[19] Damia congratulates Link and expresses his hope that he likes his prize.[20]

If Link broke his previous record, Damia says that he knew he would be good at the Test of Wood.[21] He tells Link to let him know if he ever wants to attempt the Test again.[22] However, if Link did not beat his previous record, Damia will be disappointed.[23] He withholds Link's prize until he can beat it.[24]

After going over Link's results, Damia asks if he wants to try again, explaining that he will have to pay another 20 Rupees.[25] If Link refuses, Damia says that he will see him next time.[26]


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  1. The Test of Wood is referred to as the Test of Wood — Revisited in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild — The Complete Official Guide.[3] However, as this contradicts the name given in-game, it is not considered Canon.
  2. If Link does not have the Inventory space for all of the Korok Gear, Damia will tell him that he needs to make room before they can begin.[8]


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