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Test of Will
BotW Blood Brothers Nabooru.jpg
The three Goron Blood Brothers on Mount Nabooru
Quest Giver Bayge
Location Mount Nabooru
Reward Joloo Nah Shrine

"Test of Will" is a Shrine Quest in Breath of the Wild.[1]


On Mount Nabooru, Link will encounter the three Goron Blood Brothers hyping themselves up.[2][3][note 1] Bayge explains that this is their ancestral training ground and the three of them are partaking in a contest of endurance,[5] which causes Heehl to shout about feeling the burn.[6] They are taining themselves to be more resistant to heat,[7] Commenting on how sweaty he is,[8] Kabetta reveals that the heat in Goron City has become too much for them as of late, which is why they came to the Gerudo Highlands.[9][note 2]

Bayge has an idea,[12] which causes Heehl and Kabetta to invite Link to train with them.[13][14] If Link agrees, Bayge compliments him for his answer.[15] Heehl remarks that Link has a burning passion,[16] which Kabetta claims is inspiring.[17] The Goron Blood Brothers all stand on the platform behind them, telling Link to join when he is ready for the contest.[18] With this, the Shrine Quest will begin.

When Link steps on the platform, Bayge will inform him that he will lose if he leaves the ring or passes out.[19] With Link there, Bayge starts the contest of endurance.[20] During the contest, Link is able to wear Armor or drink Elixirs that can grant him Heat Resistance. As the contest continues, the Goron Blood Brothers become overwhelmed by the heat.[21][22][23] Eventually, Heehl and Kabetta will collapse from the heat,[24][25] leaving Link to face Bayge.[26] However, Bayge immediately passes out as well, making Link the winner.

After the contest, Bayge reveals that he never thought Link would beat them.[27] Since he completed the challenge, Heehl allows him to try out the contest of ultimate endurance.[28] Kabetta reveals that it is how their ancestors trained and it is the toughest test known to the Gorons.[29] Bayge points out the second platform behind them, which is even hotter than the first.[30] Heehl affirms any reluctance Link has to the challenge,[31] as Kabetta reveals it is even harder to endure this ring than the previous.[32] This time, Link will be forced to deal with both heat and Fire,[33] as standing on it will cause Link to burn.[34] Bayge shares a legend that passing this test will reveal an Ancient Shrine.[35] When Link is ready, Bayge tells him to stand on the platform to begin the contest.[36][note 3]

When Link climbs onto the platform, Bayge decides he is ready to attempt the contest.[39] The rules are the same as before: if Link leaves the ring or passes out, he loses.[40] With the rules stated, Bayge will officially start the contest.[41]

Link can survive the contest of ultimate endurance in two different ways. First, he can drink a Fireproof Elixir before starting, which will grant him resistance to all Fire damage and prevent him from burning. Alternatively, he can restore his Hearts as he loses them by eating Food or drinking Elixirs.

Once enough time has passed, Bayge will stop the contest to tell Link he has done well.[42] Heehl calls his endurance a powerful display.[43] After they speak, Joloo Nah Shrine will rise from the ground behind them, affirming the legend Bayge shared.[44] Bayge declares Link the winner of the contest of ultimate endurance.[45] With this, the Shrine Quest will be completed.


Stage Description
1 The Goron Blood Brothers have challenged you to a test of will.

The rules are simple...The challenger who can handle the intense heat within the ring for the longest without leaving the ring is the winner.

They say that's all there is to it, but...
2 "A true Goron has a barrel for a chest and a heart the size of his biceps.

Gearing up accordingly and having your hearts filled up before competing is key, brother!"
3 You've been challenged to an even hotter test of will.

The three brothers admitted defeat before, but this time you'll have to make sure you've got some serious heat resistance if you want to match their will in the scorching ring.
4 "A true Goron needs mental fortitude, physical fortitude, and spiritual fortitude.

This next test is beyond anything anyone has ever attempted. You've worked out how to protect against heat...right, brother?"
Complete After you endured the heated test, a shrine suddenly appeared.

"So sweaty...Brother..."

Oh, that's all from Kabetta?
That's too bad, brother...


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  1. If Link has already completed "The Gut Check Challenge", Bayge will recognize him as their fourth brother.[4]
  2. If Link already beat the Gut Check Rock Challenge, Kabetta believes that he will want to try this challenge as well.[10] He reveals that they came to Mount Nabooru to help them handle the rising heat in Goron City.[11]
  3. Bayge will notice if Link is wearing the Fireproof Armor, Gerudo Set, or Desert Voe Set.[37] He will refuse to start the challenge until Link takes the Armor off.[38]


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