Terrorpin Hockey

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Terrorpin Hockey is a minigame in Four Swords Adventures.[1] It is created by a Deku Scrub at the stage called Frozen Hyrule. The Links have to flip over the Terrorpins that will glide around on the ice and then simply hit them once to make 2 red Force Gems (worth 20 Force Gems each) pop out.[2] If a Link hits them when they are standing still on the ice, he will most of the times get nothing. And if he gets hit by one when it is gliding around on the ice, he will lose plenty of Force Gems.


  1. "Oopipi.... I've done it! I've created a gentlemen's game for Deku Scrubs. I call it... Terrorpin Hockey!" — Deku Scrub (Four Swords Adventures)
  2. "The rules are simple. You send Terrorpins spinning and then cut them!" — Deku Scrub (Four Swords Adventures)