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Terrako Components are Items in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity.


Terrako Components are parts of the broken Terrako, which are scattered around Kingdom of Hyrule after its battle with Calamity Ganon. Their appearance resembles that of a Guardian's upper leg, albeit "with a special shape" exclusive to Terrako. An Ancient Gear and two Ancient Screws are also shown within the in-game sprite.

Terrako Components are Key Items, and thus cannot be sold to merchants or shop owners. There are a total of 50 Terrako Components scattered around Kingdom of Hyrule, obtained by completing all of the Quests and Challenges that are unlocked after completing The Future of Hyrule.

Terrako Components are used to complete Terrako's Return; upon its completion, Terrako becomes a playable character.


Challenge Number of Terrako Components Location Comments
A Royal Investigation 5 Great Plateau
Central Hyrule
Restricted Allies (Zelda)
Time Restricted
Guardian Graveyard 3 Great Plateau
Central Hyrule
Restricted Allies (King Rhoam)
Time Restricted
Hunting Partners 1 Woodland Tower
Central Hyrule
Restricted Allies (Revali, Hestu)
Time Retricted
Invading Terrors 2 Lanayru Restricted Allies (Mipha)
Time Restricted
The Master Kohga Chronicles! 3 Akkala Restricted Allies (Master Kohga)
Time Restricted
Rampaging Malice 5 Eldin Restricted Allies (Daruk)
Time Restricted
Shadow of Ganon 3 Gerudo Restricted Allies (Link, Urbosa)
Time Restricted


Quest Required Materials Number of Terrako Components Location
A Secret in Song Ruby x3
Sapphire x3
Diamond x3
Stone Pebbit Trophy x2
Stone Talus Trophy x1
2 Hebra
Search Eventide Island Mighty Thistle x25
Armoranth x25
Big Hearty Truffle x20
Wood x125
Hinox Trophy x3
5 Eventide Island
Search Party for Parts Endura Shroom x15
Raw Meat x20
Hearty Bass x15
Moblin Trophy x10
2,000 Rupees
2 Central Hyrule
No Extreme Too Extreme Sizzlefin Trout x25
Electric Darner x25
Chillshroom x25
Fireproof Lizard Tail x30
Lynel Trophy x3
5 Central Hyrule
Gathering the Facts Raw Prime Meat x20
Voltfin Trout x20
Hydromelon x20
Mighty Carp x20
Stamella Shroom x35
5 Central Hyrule
Right under Our Noses Ancient Shaft x30
Ancient Gear x30
Ancient Core x10
Giant Ancient Core x5
Guardian Trophy x15
4 Central Hyrule
Let's Dance Korok Seed x3
Restless Cricket x10
Staminoka Bass x10
Bright-Eyed Crab x10
Lizalfos Trophy x250
3 Thyphlo Ruins
Central Hyrule
The Eye That Sees Far Fairy x3
Star Fragment x1
Giant Ancient Core x3
Korok Seed x1
2 East Necluda
Terrako's Return 50 Ridgeland Tower
Central Hyrule


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