"The Termina Loach! Lives in the swamp. Most at home deep underwater. Said to swim to the surface only when it rains."
Swamp Fishing Hole Poster description

Termina Loach is a species of fish that can be caught in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D.

They can be found in the Swamp Fishing Hole located in the Woodfall region. Unlike their Hyrulean counterpart the Hylian Loach, Termina Loach while uncommon is not as rare and is far more easier to catch due to the Sinking Lure being legal in the Swamp Fishing Hole. Mostly at home in deep underwater it is said to swim to the surface only when it rains. Though the Sinking Lure is the best lure for catching Termina Loach, it is also possible to catch one in the shallows or near the surface with the Standard Lure on a rainy day (such as on the second day).


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