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Termina Field is a location in Majora's Mask.[1] It encompasses Clock Town and has many features.

Features and Overview[]

Termina Field is the central area of the overworld of Termina, and can be thought of as a reflection of Hyrule Field. Located outside of Clock Town, it is, as its name implies, a world terminus, providing access to every major location in Termina.

This area leads into and out of the four gates of Clock Town. Termina Field also has paths leading to the other regions of Termina; the northern path leads to the Mountain Village, the east path leads to Ikana Canyon, the southern area leads to the Southern Swamp, the western area leads to Great Bay Coast, and the southwest area leads to Milk Road. Milk Road, in turn, leads to both Romani Ranch and the Gorman Track. The Astral Observatory is also located close to the walls of Clock Town, but it cannot be normally entered from outside, as there are tall fences surrounding the Observatory. A Deku Flower outside the fence allows Deku Link entry from the Field, although the Observatory can also be accessed by taking an underground passageway through Clock Town.

It is impossible to enter the west and east regions without Epona, as there are gates blocking the path. Link cannot enter the northern region without the Bow since the entrance of this zone is blocked by ice. The southwest area is also blocked by a giant boulder in the road that can only be destroyed by using a Powder Keg, unless Link waits until the Final Day, when the boulder will be removed by a man tirelessly working to demolish the boulder each day.




TMC Forest Minish Artwork Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese タルミナ平原 (Tarumina Heigen) Talmina Plains
French-speaking countries French Plaine Termina Termina Plain
Federal Republic of Germany German Ebenen von Termina
Italian Republic Italian Pianure di Termina Termina Plains
Spanish-speaking countries Spanish Campo de Términa Termina Field



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