"If the Temple of Seasons has sunk into some land called Subrosia, there must be other entrances to the Subrosian land! You must find them!"

The Temple of Seasons is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. It is a massive palace once situated in Holodrum that holds the order of the seasons of the land. It has since fallen into northeastern Subrosia. The spirits of the four seasons live in four separate towers located in each corner of the temple. Notably, the area around the Temple is a good source of Ore Chunks.


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At the beginning of the game, General Onox kidnaps Din, the Oracle of Seasons, and seals her within a crystal prison. Thus, the seasons of Holodrum are thrown into chaos, and the Temple of Seasons sinks into the ground, becoming hidden in the subterranean land of Subrosia.

When Link embarks on a quest to retrieve the eight Essences of Nature, he soon discovers the need to be able to change the season. While traveling in the Eastern Suburbs, he stumbles upon a female Subrosian named Rosa. After he carefully follows her, she disappears through a portal leading to Subrosia. In this volcanic land, Link finds the Temple of Seasons and enters the main hall, where the spirits of the four seasons appear and give him the Rod of Seasons. By empowering this rod with each spirit's power, Link gains the ability to change the weather to that spirit's respective season.

The first tower, the Tower of Winter is initially the only accessible tower. Later in the game, Link can use Rosa's Key to open the Tower of Summer. The Tower of Spring is blocked off with a wall and can be accessed through a tunnel west of the Subrosia Market. The final tower, the Tower of Autumn is situated behind a small stream of lava, which can be jumped over with the Roc's Feather. The entrance to the tower is blocked by rubble and can only be removed with a Bomb Flower from Lava Lake.

Behind the waterfall in the main chamber is a Fairy who will tell Link a secret, allowing him to obtain the Heart Ring L-1 on a linked Oracle of Ages game.

Interestingly, even after Link defeats Onox, Twinrova and Ganon, the temple remains in Subrosia, yet the four seasons return to normal.

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Temple of Seasons

The Temple of Seasons


Unsunked Temple of Season

The Temple of Seasons

NOTE: This Temple of Seasons is a modified version of the one seen in Subrosia world before it sank.


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