The Temple of Darkness, also referred to as the Forest Temple, is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures. This dungeon is the last stage of The Dark World, the fifth level of The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures. It is used by the Deku Scrubs as a place to worship Ganon, and is also where the Dark Mirror rests. The Deku Scrubs are planning various monuments to Ganon throughout the temple. The entire temple is shrouded in magical darkness and most of the pits will transport Link to the Dark World should he fall in one.

Temple of Darkness

Link evading a Giant Bomb in the Temple of Darkness

In the first area Link can obtain the Hero's Bow. The next area contains a chest with a Giant Bomb, a unusually frequent occurrence in the temple. The Magic Hammer becomes a vital item in the temple, as there are many blocks that can only be flattened with it. Also prevalent in the temple are switches that raise and lower blue and red blocks.

About halfway in, Link must face a Ball & Chain Trooper who sits behind two rows of cracked blocks. Further on, he must defeat two Stalfos. Like the four Base Creatures of Magic, they are in the Dark World.

Continuing west Link is met with a giant pit and four switches. In the two rooms to the north, Link can find the Slingshot, Lamp, Pegasus Boots, Bombs, Boomerang, and Shovel.

By traveling through the Dark World portal to the north, Link can talk to two Deku Scrubs who tell him things about the inscription on their monument to Ganon.

"1. Put four in a vertical line."

"4. Push together as one."

After navigating to the other side of the area, two Deku Scrubs reveal the rest of the inscription

"2. Break oil pots."

"3. On the left wall."

These clues serve as instruction for the following room. Link must break the four oil pots on the wall and while in vertical formation, push on the wall until it moves. For the rest of the wall, Link must move to horizontal formation and push on the wall while standing on the four dark areas on the floor.

Before reaching the Dark Mirror chamber, Link must defeat Phantom Ganon for the second and final time.

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