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For the stage in the Super Smash Bros. series, see Hyrule: Temple.

Temples are recurring locations in The Legend of Zelda series.[name reference needed] They are temples of power and function, and may perform the act of an art gallery, a place of worship, a factory, etc.


In the current seven three-dimensional installments of the series, temples are a heavily common type of dungeon whose purposes, design and features vary significantly from game to game.

In the majority of the cases, in a temple there is usually a central puzzle device, which Link must deal with in order to meet the boss and complete the objectives of the main quest. For example, in the Water Temple, the central mechanic revolves around changing the water level; in the Temple of Time (Twilight Princess), the main puzzle is about finding and guiding a statue to gain access to the boss's hideout; and so on.

It's not uncommon for a temple to show a fixation towards an element in particular. Therefore, the central puzzle may depend on its thematic motif.

List of Temples

Ocarina of Time

In Ocarina of Time, these temples are built to awaken the chosen Sages who contribute on the defeat of evil, as well as to worship sacred deities.

Majora's Mask

In Majora's Mask, the temples guard the Four Giants that aid the people of Termina when disgrace is foreseen.

Oracle of Seasons

The Wind Waker

In The Wind Waker, there are two temples whose sages pray to bless the power of the Master Sword. Unlike the rest of the temples in the series, and like the Goron Temple in Phantom Hourglass, these temples must be explored by at least two people, as the residing puzzles are impossible to solve for only one person.

Four Swords Adventures

Twilight Princess

In Twilight Princess, two temples guard some of the Fused Shadows, while one guards a fragment of the Mirror of Twilight.

Phantom Hourglass

In Phantom Hourglass, three temples guard the Servant Spirits loyal to the Ocean King, three guard the Pure Metal that are needed to forge the legendary Phantom Sword, and the Temple of the Ocean King serves as the lair of the antagonist Bellum.

Spirit Tracks

In Spirit Tracks, four temples serve as the whereabouts of the Force Gems that restore the various tracks pointed at the Tower of Spirits, whose floors are restored for exploration when the aforementioned Force Gems start working. One temple guards the legendary Bow of Light.

Skyward Sword

In Skyward Sword, two temples serve as the locations of two sacred springs: Skyview Spring and the Earth Spring. Two other temples house Gates of Time.

Breath of the Wild