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Hello, I am interested in adding a row in each of the BotW food items which says how many hearts each food restores. Similar to how there are rows under the picture for appearances, uses, etc. I was going to use the HeartAmount Template ( BotW Heart Icon.pngBotW Heart Icon.pngBotW Half-Heart Icon.png , etc.) to show heart icons for how much it restores. Anyways, I was wondering if we could get a row in the template for "Hearts" or something like this. Any time I try to add a new row in the page itself, it does not show up in the previews. I am guessing this is because there is no related tab in the Template? I believe this is the correct template but I didn't want to edit anything myself because I'm not sure if this is the correct template, or if this would actually work at all. Sorry if I explained this poorly, I was just thinking that this may look nice and be good for users to easily see how much each food restores. Thanks, Bradtheconqueror (talk) 21:48, 26 May 2020 (UTC)