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Auto-add Date

I'm working on a script to automatically add the date the the article/image/template was flagged for deletion. Give me a few minutes and I'll have it ready.—Matt(T C H) 20:29, June 22, 2008 (UTC)

Superuser, aren't we? —Seablue254 20:33, 22 June 2008 (UTC)
I noticed that the date changes to be in accordance with the latest edit. Is this how the template was meant to function? Zeldafan1982 20:01, 1 May 2013 (UTC)
Nope, the intention was to make it show the date of the edit when the template was added. Guess that isn't really a thing yet in MediaWiki... We'll have to add it manually, then. Jeez, as if no one noticed that until now! — Hylian King [*] 00:06, 5 May 2013 (UTC)
Well, this is a bit out of nowhere, but if you put ~~~~~, it converts it into code for the current time and date. So, I don't know if it will play nicely in a template, because I'm not sure of the parser and all that stuff, but at the least we can manually type ~~~~~ into the template instead of the date itself. --KokoroSenshi 04:31, 18 November 2015 (UTC)
Ok, I think it can only be done with another template or manually inserting ~~~~~ is it? --KokoroSenshi 11:18, 18 November 2015 (UTC)
Unless... the second template used is this template itself? Then maybe...--KokoroSenshi 11:21, 18 November 2015 (UTC)