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First, enter the abbreviation of the Zelda Game your translation is from between the two | lines in {{Translation/Store||. If you were storing a translation from Breath of the Wild, for example, you would enter {{Translation/Store|BotW|
Next, enter the English term you are storing translations of after the game abbreviation. For example, if you were storing a translation for Link, you would enter {{Translation/Store|BotW|Link
Then, add your translation using the format below:

("langcode" stands for "Language Code". A full list of language abbreviations and their meanings can be found in the Translation Guidelines.)
  • langcode= are for the translation itself.
  • langcodeM= are for the meaning of the translation.
  • langcodeR= are for the reference of the translation. Citation templates such as Template:Cite should be used, but without <ref> tags, as those are appended automatically. Be sure to follow the Reference Guidelines.

Before modifying the order in this template, please be sure to update Module:UtilsLanguage/Data accordingly.

|enBr= |enBrM= |enBrR= 
|ja= |jaM= |jaR= 
|zhS= |zhSM= |zhSR= 
|zhT= |zhTM= |zhTR= 
|cs= |csM= |csR= 
|da= |daM= |daR= 
|nl= |nlM= |nlR= 
|fi= |fiM= |fiR= 
|frC= |frCM= |frCR= 
|frF= |frFM= |frFR= 
|de= |deM= |deR= 
|he= |heM= |heR= 
|hu= |huM= |huR= 
|it= |itM= |itR= 
|ko= |koM= |koR= 
|no= |noM= |noR= 
|pl= |plM= |plR= 
|ptB= |ptBM= |ptBR= 
|ptP= |ptPM= |ptPR= 
|ru= |ruM= |ruR= 
|esS= |esSM= |esSR= 
|esL= |esLM= |esLR= 
|sv= |svM= |svR= 

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