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This template provides a bit of code that will display text with an tooltip.


To use this template to have just the basic functionality, type:
    {{Tool|Tooltip }}

  • Tooltip — The tooltip you wish to have.

Additional options are available as well:
    {{Tool| Tooltip |Display Text |Color }}

  • Tooltip — The tooltip you wish to have.
  • Display Text — Define a different text for the template to display. Defaults to an image of the Kokiri's Emerald.
  • Color — Optionally define a different color to use. Must be in HTML color format: either defined colors like Red, Blue, Yellow, etc. or hex codes with a sharp/pound symbol such as #00CC00. Defaults to LightBlue if not defined.

See Also

For a similar function also adds a question mark to the mouse pointer, see: Template:Exp.

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