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  • {{{1}}} — {{{2}}}


This is a really basic template used to quickly format descriptions for parameters used in the descriptions of other templates. Most cases it is used in conjunction with NoWikiTemp.


To use this template, type:     {{Parameter|Parameter Name |Parameter Description |Parameter Required/Optional (Optional) }}

  • Parameter Name(Required) This is the name of the parameter in question.
  • Parameter Description(Required) The description of the parameter.
  • Parameter Required/Optional(Optional) Whether or not the parameter is optional or required. For basic templates with just one parameter, or with parameters that are either all required or all optional, leave this field blank and it won't display anything for it. Or if it has a lot required pr a lot optional, and only a few or one that is the other way, it's more productive to only specify this for the parameter(s) that are different from the majority.