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This template creates a standard notice box, which can be used as totally custom notices or to simplify other notice boxes. By default, this template creates a stand-alone message.


To use this template, type:     {{Notice/Documentation|text= |subtext= |textcolor= |bordercolor= }}

  • Text — This is the main, one or two word, message for the notice.
  • Subtext — This is a short text summary of the message. Appears when hovering over the main text.
  • Textcolor — This is the color of the main message. Defaults to black if left blank.
  • Bordercolor — This is the color of the inner border of the notice. Defaults to whatever the outer border is if left blank.

Use Template:Notice/Start and Template:Notice/End to wrap some content. The notice will have a "hide/show" button to toggle visibility of this content. Template:Notice/Start accepts the parameters as Template:Notice.

Example 1


|text= Adult Warning!
|subtext= May contain content that is inappropriate for children.
|textcolor= yellow
|bordercolor= red


Adult Warning!

Example 2


|text= Theory Warning
|subtext= Be advised that the following article or section contains unconfirmed, fan-made theories or speculation.
|textcolor= #FFA500
|bordercolor= orange
A theory!


Theory Warning

A theory!

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