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Displaying an infobox for Songs.


{{Infobox Song
|image= Image(s) of the topic. (Use {{Media}} when possible.)
|caption= Caption of the image. (Not to be used with {{Media}}.)
|game= The game(s) in which the song appears.
|other= Other media in which the song appears.
|discography= The albums and soundtracks which contain the song.
|attribution= The people responsible for composing and/or arranging the song.
|association= Any characters, location, or items/objects associated with the song.
|length= The length of the song.
|location= The location(s) where the song can be found/heard.
|instrument= The instrument(s) upon which the song is played. Only apply this to songs which can be played by the player.
|notes= The notes required to play the song. Apply this with the Scale template, and only when the song can be played by the player.
|powers= The powers that the song has when played.
|related= Any other music related to the song.

Blank Code

{{Infobox Song
The above documentation is transcluded from Template:Infobox Song/Documentation. (edit | history)