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Infobox Mode


This template is used to display a Mode's vital information and adds the article to Category:Game Modes.

To add this template to an article copy and paste the following code and then fill in the information:

  • Name — Name of the Mode (Default: The page's name).
  • Image — Image to be displayed in the infobox (Use normal image wikicode).
  • Caption — A caption for the image, should one be necessary (be brief).
  • Game — Games the Mode appears in.
  • Other — Other media the Mode appears in.
  • Players — The number of players available in the Mode.
  • Location — Where the Mode is located. Only applicable if it is accessed through other means than the start menu.
  • Reward — Rewards from completing (parts of) the Mode.
  • Features — Any added features to the Mode not present in the main game.
  • Theme Music — A link to the Mode's theme song.