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This template has been deprecated.

Please use Module:Infobox instead.


This template is a quick, easy way to make an information field for infobox templates. It is programmed by default to not display if no data is entered into the field.


To use this template to make an optional datafield, type:     {{InfoField|Field Name |Data }}

There are 4 special types of InfoFields, namely:

  • {{InfoField| Start | Box Title }}
    • Starts an Infobox
  • {{InfoField| End }}
    • Ends an infobox
  • {{InfoField| Image | Image | Caption }}
    • Adds an area for images and an appropriate caption
  • {{InfoField| Span | Text }}
    • Creates a field that spans across the entire infobox

To make it so that a data field must be filled in or is always displayed, add an extra parameter at the end with the word "Required".

NOTE: This template is intended to be used in standard infobox tables.


{{InfoField|Image|[[File:TPHD Gale Boomerang Artwork.png|x300px]]|The Gale Boomerang from ''Twilight Princess''|Required}}
{{InfoField|Game(s)|Every [[The Legend of Zelda (Series)|''Legend of Zelda'' game]] except {{TAoL}}}}
{{InfoField|Cost|300 [[Rupee]]s{{Exp|The Minish Cap}}}}
{{InfoField|Span|[[:Category:Items|All Items]]}}
{{InfoField|Dungeon|    |Required}}
TPHD Gale Boomerang Artwork.png
The Gale Boomerang from Twilight Princess
Game(s)Every Legend of Zelda game except The Adventure of Link
Cost300 RupeesTriforce piece.png
All Items