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This article or section does not meet Zelda Wiki's quality standards.

Please improve it as you see fit. Editing help is available.


This template is used to identify pages in general need of improvement. They may lack detailed information and need to be expanded, have poor grammar or spelling, or otherwise do not meet Zelda Wiki's quality standards. For pages with specific issues, please use a more specific notice template when possible.

Pages tagged with this template are added to Category:Articles Needing Improvement.

Community pages are automatically added to Category:Community Articles Needing Improvement as well.

Specific categories also exist for each game (see below).


To use this template, add {{Improve|<Date (Optional)>|<Game (Optional)>}} to the top of an article.

  • Date — The date the template was placed on the article. The month and year will do (e.g. December 2013).
  • Game — The game that the article pertains to. Can be the game's full title, subtitle, or abbreviation. See here for a list of possible values. This adds the article to a more specific category (e.g. Category:A Link Between Worlds Articles Needing Improvement) in addition to the general category, for the benefit of editors. Entering "nocat" suppresses the category altogether.

If the article covers multiple games, use additional parameters, e.g. {{Improve||OOT|MM|TWW|TP}}. Note that the first parameter is still reserved for the date. The template accepts up to six game parameters.