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It has been requested that image(s) be added to this page or section.

Please remember to remove this template once the image(s) have been added.


Allows users to request images on pages that are lacking them. When used, this template automatically categorizes the page in Category:Articles with Image(s) Requested. Community pages are automatically added to Category:Community articles with Image(s) Requested as well. Specific categories also exist for each game (see below).


To use this template, add {{images|<game>}} to the top of a page or section requiring images.

  • Game — The game(s) from which the article needs images. Can be the game's full title, subtitle, or abbreviation. See here for a list of possible values. This adds the article to a more specific category (e.g. Category:A Link Between Worlds Image(s) Requested) in addition to the general category, for the benefit of editors. Entering "nocat" suppresses the category altogether. This occurs by default on userpages.
  • reason — Possibility to specify a reason.

If the article covers multiple games, use additional parameters, e.g. {{images|<OOT>|<MM>|<TWW>|<TP>}}. The template accepts up to 20 game parameters.