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This template facilitates navigation between articles on main Zelda titles.


If the user's screen is too narrow to fit all the games, a horizontal scrollbar will appear. The scrollbar utilizes javascript; its starting position changes depending on what game page you are on. It starts on the left for older games, on the right for newer games, and in the middle for the games in between. If not for this feature, the scroll bar would always start on the left; users would only ever see the first few games (TLoZ, TAoL, ALttP, etc.) until they manually scrolled over to the new ones. If you're viewing, say, the Skyward Sword page, that just wouldn't do! A scrollbar with three possible starting positions solves this problem, but only if the window can fit at least a third of the games. It won't work if the browser window is unreasonably small or there gets to be too many games.